Please help me date a french clock

stuartbe2012June 20, 2012


i have a French clock that sits on a similar style bracket,

- See attached image

the maker is "Leroy a Paris"

it also has a verge escapement inside,

does anyone by any chance know a rough date of when this clock was made or who Leroy was ?

if you need pics of the escapement then please email me and i will send them to you. I would post the other pics but it appears i can only post 1 image.

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here is a pic of the escapment

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Escapment part 2

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escapement part 3, the pendulum is attached via a piece of string

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LeRoy and LeRoy brothers, French clock makers are all over the web. It was a family industry and there were various craftsmen comprising the artisans using that name all through the 1800s. Some LeRoy clocks bring small fortunes. I can't help you. This is way out of my league, but hope you can find answers. I can feel my way around some old clocks, many can be dated as easily as the face, or works. If something has the potential to be quite valuable, even If I had a hunch, I'd be reluctant for fear of leading you in the wrong direction.

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