BlueStar rangetop alternative?

YuliaOJanuary 13, 2014

Unfortunately, it seems that i will not be able to get my 36" rangetop in time. I'll be calling blue star again tomorrow but i am not very optimistic�.

So i need to figure out a back up plan�.Can you recommend me what other range tops are good? I was going to get 36" BS range top with griddle�

Is Dacor range top any good? SHould i just go with Wolf and forget about open burners? We saw Capital range top before and my husband didn't like it�

Thank you!

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How about the American Ranger Performer, open burners. It's most likely what I'm getting. Search for the posts about it.

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i can't find their range top with open burnersâ¦it seems they only have sealed ones in range tops?

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Relax Yulia... you do not NEED to have the rangetop on site for templating. While it is preferable to have it to double check the specs, kitchens are built all day long without the appliances there. Give the bluestar spec sheet to your cabinet man and fabricator... any install issues (which I doubt there will be) can be resolved at the time. Silly to pass on the rangetop you want because it may be late in delevery, you won't be sorry, but you may be if you buy another in haste

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Would any of the other rangetops even come in before the BS? The 24th is only ten days away, I would not give up an appliance I wanted over another just because of a few days. As ctycdm says they template all the time without the appliances there. Delays happen in building, it's normal.

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I would not worry if it was just us living without the kitchenâ¦I understand that delays happen all the timeâ¦
It's the fact that our closing date is Feb 3rd and we need to get the occupancy permit or whatever it is called before thatâ¦
My contractor/seller is buying all the appliances and i was only supposed to buy the range top LOL.

(to prevent the questions we are buying the house that is in the last stages of being complete and we upgraded/downgraded/personalized some things, and went over the seller's initial budget :)))⦠that's why i am buying an appliance and some other things for the house i don't even own yet)

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(i think Wolf would be deliver very quickly, one of the stores her in MA have them in stock, usually)

just relaaaaaax and breaaatthhhhe

i got so much gray hair during this constructionâ¦

Thank you!

i'll just listen to you and will wait for my range topâ¦

â¦And if i don't like it when i finally get itâ¦my husband will kill me LOL

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Ahhhh, I understand your worry better now. It will all work out. :) I stress over things too, really try not to, lol. We've build and bought a few times and I have to remind myself at times it usually all works out just fine. Most of the things I lost sleep over I don't remember now. Good luck and congrats on your new home! :)

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On your other thread on the kitchen forum you said that the rangetop will be delivered on the 24th - that's more than a week before your closing - and worst case, a closing can be delayed. Relax a little!

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Yes, the store told me it will be delivered TO them on the 24th and they will deliver it to me the very next day. I am worried if it is delayed it will not be here on time⦠I am also not sure if i can believe them nowâ¦

Closing can be delayed but i need to move i am selling my current homeâ¦

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I don't want to freak you out, but this summer my Bluestar cooktop was delayed weeks. The Bluestar customer service wasn't great to deal with. They would say one date and then keep pushing it further out. Make sure your dealer stays on them and hopefully you will have a better result on delivery time than I did.

I almost had to go with a Wolf (it was available the next day in my market), but I'm glad I dealt with the stress and headache and waited on the Bluestar.

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sreedesq, thats what i am afraid of :(

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Some great customer serviceâ¦
I called the store, asked for order number.
Then i called Blue Star, asked them to look up my order.. Was told they don't provide this information to consumers, and that i should call the store. I told them i don't even have the range top yet and i already having doubts and disappointed in the customer service. They said - sorry, but there is nothing we can do. Call us when you have your range top, we always stand behind our productâ¦

Called regional manager he told me he cannot give me this information and i should call the store. I said i called the store but i have no reason to believe them now, they promised me wrong date before. He said he cannot do anything about itâ¦

So i spent 3K and i can't even find out where my order is, i didn't even get a confirmation emailâ¦

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The range top was supposed to arrive today and it didn't. My dealer says they tried to contact BS but didn't get an answer. They don't even know if it was shipped from the factory. I called BS but apparently, customer CANNOT contact BS regarding their order. BS will not give you any information, period. I just spent 3K on the product that was not delivered on time and I don't have a right to find out what is going on. If my range top does not arrive by Monday i will have to buy a range top from other company and have it delivered ASAP because my house has to be ready in a week and i cannot wait for BS forever.

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Any update? Hopefully it comes ASAP, if you still haven't received it yet.

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Here are my news, unfortunatelyâ¦

Talked to the store today. they told me BS is shipping my range top either today or tomorrow (who cares it was supposed to arrive last Friday, right? Of course, nobody offered overnight shipping or at least an apology!!!)â¦I asked if they can provide me with tracking or at least call me when they know the range top has shippedâ¦Their reply was that BS does not give them that information, either!! So the range top will show up at the store at some point, but nobody knows when!

Soâ¦at this pointâ¦I am calling the store in the morning and if the range top didn't ship yet i am buying another range top asap

I called around and the 2 options i have that can be picked up immediately are Thermador and Wolfâ¦Which one is better?
I feel so stupid because if i ordered Wolf range top together with all the other appliances (i got subzero fridge and wolf oven) i would get a very nice refundâ¦

Which one should i get (if i have a choice when i call) - thermador or wolf? i need 36" with griddleâ¦

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Yulia, As someone who also had issues with Bluestar delivery and customer service during the purchasing process I'm glad you are continuing to update on this. I think others should know what they may be risking when ordering Bluestar if they have a tight deadline.

Future MIL has the LP Wolf Rangetop with griddle. She is happy with it. She has had one small issue in 3 years and it was covered by warranty. It's nice. FWIW, I enjoy cooking on my Bluestar much more than her Wolf. I know you are aggravated, but you chose the Bluestar for a reason and at this point if they are actually shipping it maybe it is worthwhile to wait. I'm glad I waited, even though it was aggravating as heck.

PS: I had my dealer on their case constantly. In my case it helped. Go up the chain if you have to.

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Thank you so much! I am sorry you had do go through this, too!

I did call our regional manager or whatever he is called. I called him twice, and both times he was not polite, was talking non-stop without letting me even ask a questionâ¦He told me he is driving, and even if he wasn't he would not be able to look up my order, its between my store and bluestarâ¦

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It arrived! Yay!!
I think me calling them, posting on their Facebook page, posting here was causing them a lot of trouble so they sent it faster then they were going to!
i am so glad its over (i hope it works fine and i don't have to deal with their customer service for a while!)

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That is great news! Looking forward to your finished kitchen pics. :)

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Thank you! Not sure I'll share my finished kitchen's photos, but here iis a blue star installed...

And today we were able to fit kohler stages sink without loosing any drawers, I am so happy, it was a good, good day today :)) ready for countertop now :)

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Be sure those top guys don't scratch that cooktop during install !

They will try, believe me.

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As Xedos says! Even better, to be safe just pull the rangetop out before countertop install. Typically, counters are in before appliances are installed.
...and the hood should go in before the rangetop for the same reasons...

This post was edited by ctycdm on Wed, Jan 29, 14 at 23:02

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Thank you!
those guy are driving me crazy, they scratched lots of things alreadyâ¦But they ddid cover the range, and it also has plastic protection on sidesâ¦.

I HOPE they don't scratch itâ¦i'll be so mad if they do!

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Now you just need to get colored knobs on your BS to match your cabinets!!

Looking good, glad you finally got it in.

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the cabinets are actually white, blue is just the protective filmâ¦But i think when the kitchen is complete i'll get either blue or green knobs and some accessories to match :)

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