Repeat ID - sorry to ask again

DLM2000June 5, 2014

Searched this forum and through google but can't find the name of the type of metal work on this piece. I had asked a few years ago and received wonderful information...... thought I'd written it on a note card and slipped it inside but it's not there.

Can anyone help me again - I promise to keep the information this time!! Thanks -

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Fori is not pleased

Is it cloisonne? Neat style though.

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No fori, it was a term I'd never heard before - dang I wish I could remember! But thanks for trying.

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The term that you may be looking for is "Champleve". Instead of building walls to contain the enamel, troughs are gouged out of the base medium, which are then filled with enamel
medium and then fired.

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madammim thank you very much. Oddly, that term does not sound familiar to me but the description and images I Googled are right on target so that must be it.

I've now written the term and the definition on a note card and it's safely tucked inside the urn - hopefully to stay there! Thank you again.

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