Towels anyone?

wwwonderwhiskersJanuary 26, 2012

Can anyone recommend Towels that they particularly love? Is anyone familiar with Frontgate's Resort Cotton Towels?

We had just found the perfect towels @ BB&B which were plush, the perfect dark smoky slate (with a touch of perriwinkle) colour, and included a bath sheet in the collection. Coordinated with our new construction, guest bath, glass-tile shower trim perfectly!!

What we discovered before taking them back was that with merely ONE washing, the die was not stable, and they blotched out in large pink amoebae shaped areas. We returned them. Am looking for replacements.

Am looking for a guest-room quality collection with wash, hand, towel, and bath sheet sizes. Softness & reasonable absorbency would be nice, color stability, minimal shrinkage, the usual.

I read Macy's Hotel collection was good, but their stuff looked too pastel. Penny's does not carry bath sheet sizes. Frontgate looks good, but I have never ordered from them, and while I've heard of them, have not used any of their products. I would prefer traditional - really do not want to go the route of microfiber. How about Restoration Hardware's towels?

TIA ! I guess textiles is normally off-topic, but thought I'd ask. You'all were all so very helpful here @ GW while we were building last year - you know everything!!

- Les.

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Long thread in decorating forum:

Here is a link that might be useful: favorite towels?

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Awesome WB, thank you!!!

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Matouk! The best--expensive but worth every penny.

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LOVE my Charisma towels. I have been happy with the towels & coordinating bathsheets I have gotten at Costco (the ones you purchase singly--not the sets). The only problem with those is that you normally can't get all the different pieces in the same color.

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