Help with guest bathroom remodel. Change or not?

dwojnarJanuary 30, 2014


We are meeting with some contractors to remodel our guest bathroom (8'7" x 6'6") and I am trying to decide if we should make a change to the layout. The attached diagrams show the current layout and two options.

My concern with changing the layout is not only the cost to move the plumbing but also the concern of seeing the toilet through the bathroom door while walking down the hallway. I should note that this bathroom is in a hallway that leads to three bedrooms but is the bathroom that all guests would use when visiting.

I appreciate your input on what you think is best and we are also open to any other ideas.

Thank you!

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Personally, I wouldn't put that kind of money into a guest bathroom, esp. changing the plumbing out.

It looks to me like you want to add a linen closet/shelving. Why not put it between the vanity and the toilet?

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I agree with Trebuchet, whether it's a guest bathroom or not. You don't seem to gain much by changing the layout, so I'd stick with the current layout, which is fine, and work with it.

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I agree with previous posts - no need to incur costs of relocating plumbing. Guests will not even think about what is viewed from the hallway. What they will appreciate are accommodations provided for their convenience.

We updated ours several years ago. Added train rack with towels. And an enlarged medicine cabinet with tooth brushes, tooth paste, razors, shaving cream, bandages, aspirin, lens solution, soap, shampoo, etc.

Robes, luggage racks and empty hangars are in the bedroom closets.

Here is a link that might be useful: Guest Bthroom

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Agree with previous posters - keep your current floor plan. Lots of ways to add storage - cabinet above toilet, open shelving or hotel towel rack. If you are concerned about projection you can always do recessed shelving between the studs. You can also add some length to the vanity with open shelves, drawers or cabinet door - that would give more counterspace too. If you go with a deep linen tower, I would put it in the corner - if it is at the end next to the toilet it may break the room up too much.

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I agree with the others.

I hope I am not wasting your time, but just for fun I am including the floor plan I installed in my remodel. My room is 6.5x9', but with the door at the short wall. All plumbing and heating was relocated.

Original layout where the door always bumped the toilet bowl. The area on the right side had a shallow free standing cupboard, but the heating vent was under this and the cupboard was always hot. I really liked how the end of the tub had a cupboard and space for the plumbing. It was a counter height cupboard and was a great place to change diapers, and store things underneath:

New layout using the same concept for the cupboard, counter top, and plumbing space, but flipped. All plumbing was changed, but it was near 80 years old and needed to be done. Now I should have room for a wheelchair, walker. The small square in the lower right corner is a tower that I replaced as in the old layout. I repainted the freestanding cupboard and it is now located behind the door swing.

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Thank you all so much for your replies. I think I am going to stick with the original layout and push on with our remodel.

fnmroberts - Your new bathroom is beautiful and your guests must love all of the amenities. Thank you for sharing and it's given me several ideas!

enduring - You did not waste my time at all! I love seeing what others have done because there is usually something you can learn or use from it. I like your new layout much better. The door hitting the toilet had to cause problems and the new layout must work much better. I too am concerned about the possiblity of a wheelchair or walker in the future and that's one of the reasons I was considering the change. However, I do think with a 18" depth vanity we would be able to get a walker or a small wheelchair through the space.

everyone - Thank you again. You have really given me peace of mind in the decision.

Hopefully, it won't be too long until we're finished and I will post pics.

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dwojnar - Thank you.

In the event you will need handicap access, a 36 inch door would be recommended. It appears that you lack sufficient space without altering the pony wall at the foot of your bathtub.

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Dwojnar, I have an 18" vanity in the new space. I had it made to get what I wanted. The other point about a 36" door is good. I didn't have the room or the option to change my door and it remains at 32". My second bathroom remodel had to go with a 32" door too. I think a wheel chair will fit, not positive, but I think it will.

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Btw, it looks to me like there is also room for some kind of a small cabinet on the wall between the door and the tub. Lots of creative ways to get storage space out there.

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Hey Dwojnar,
Thanks for posting your picture. Our guest bathroom is a similar shape and door opening but different configuration. We will be updating this bathroom someday soon and thus I have been looking at possibilities too.

I disagree with other posters and I say if you are really bothered by the toilet then move it. My suggestion is to move it to the long wall next to it. By placing it there, it is partially blocked by the shower wall and maybe it is possible to bring that wall a few more inches to further block the long view.

If you keep the toilet there, then I would place something very visually interesting on that part of the shower wall just inside the door that is on the sight line to the toilet. By placing a tiled mural or something that catches people's eye, they will focus on that and not the toilet view.

Another idea is to run a curtain from the shower wall to the wall by the toilet or from the toilet wall out to a freestanding pole or tower stack and block the view of the toilet that way.

My last suggestion is a big large plant could go in there which would add a fresh green touch to the room along with fresh air.

Have fun!

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