Bakers and Chefs gas grills ????

jimtJuly 15, 1999

Anybody know about these grills that Sam's Clubs sell exclusively. I understand they are stainless steel boxes with cast iron burners (3). Just wondering if anyone has any knowledge about this grill or is this too good to be true. Any input would be appreciated.

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Ron Dejonckheere

I just bought one tonight and am wondering how great a deal I got. I have been researching grills for about 6 months and to get a stainless steel grill for this price is almost too good to be true. The Weber grills have the same porcelin? sp? type grate on the lower end models. The high end have stainless steel grates. As far as cast iron as aposed to the Weber Stainless. Cast Iron should hold up for about 20 years if covered.

I am going to assemble the grill this weekend if you want to find out how it went shoot me a email.

The optional 4th burner for rotiserie and the included rotisserie is awesome.

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Ron Dejonckheere

Everything is great with the Grill... I was able to assemble in less than 3 hours. And everything so far tastes great...
I really enjoy this grill.

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Donna Volk

I wanted to buy the Bakers Chefs gas grill from Sam's tonight but I waited too long. Sam's was out and so was the other towns I tried. I am looking for one also. Please let me know if you find a place where I can purchase one on-line. I think the model # is Gourmet 905TB, anyway that what was on the grill cover.

Looks like a great grill

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R G Clark

We researched and looked at many grill sources ending with the purchase of bakers chefs grill at sams! YES it is wonderful and we tried each mode of cooking. My husband is an excellent cook and we thought we found heaven on each item he has fixed todate!!!!!! We are now ordering some of the optional gadgets like the waffle top and cant wait!!!!

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Texas A

I got my Bakers and Chef grill a couple of weeks ago. It is a wonderful appliance, but I have one problem. Everything I have cooked sticks to the cast iron grates so bad it tears up the food trying to turn it over or get it off. Tonight it was boneless chicken thighs. I ended up with little pieces. There's as much meat still out there stuck to the grill as we brought in to eat.

I also notice that the grates are very difficult to clean. The food is welded on there.

I put the vegetable on there between every use as instructed, but it doesn't seem to help.

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S Fedorko

I'm in same boat as Donna, tried to get one at Sam's and they are sold out. Anyone have a lead on any Sam's in Dallas, Texas area which might still have one, or any other place, or on on-line source? Thanks.

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Joe Payne

All three Steel Flame Tamers have rusted to oblivion. I am trying to find a Bakers & Chefs parts distributor. The list of services centers that is supposed to be with the documentation is lost. One source I found references Fiesta Barbecues as the manufacturer.

Can anyone help? Internet ordering would be great!



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Bill Wehrung

I have same problem as Joe, the three steel flametamers have rusted out after three years. (model GQ-5002D). The part number is "P1717A". I hope they are available at the Grand Hall Service Center in Dallas at 1-800-770-9769.

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Five burner model with rotisserie is awesome. Heat control is great. Ceramic flame tamers eliminate flare up and the stainless cooking grate cleans easily if you "season" them with fat or oil prior to throwing a slab of meat on. Temp control is so good, I've started baking with it. Cooking a roast or bird with the rotisserie is a cinch! It doesn't get any better than this. But then again, I haven't needed parts yet. We'll wait and see.......

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I have Y0005xc-2 LPG BBQ from Sams and I love it. I want to hook it up to my natural gas system from the house. Where can I get a conversion kit or is there another way?

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Wallace Ford

I am trying to locate a contact with the maker of Members Mark gas grills sold by Sam's. I want to buy a unit that fires natural gas rather than LP.

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These grills from Sam's Club are made by Grand Hall, who also makes the Kenmore Elite line of gas grills for Sears as well as marketing their own brand under the name "Grand Cafe". You can contact them at the following:

Grand Hall USA, Inc.
10280 Miller Road
Dallas, TX 75238

800-770-9769 M-F 8:00am to 4:30pm CST or 214-349-1097

But I don't think they make a NG conversion kit for the Members Mark / Bakers & Chefs grills. I know they do for their own line of grills "Grand Cafe". But parts between the different lines of grills they make I don't think are compatible with each other.

There are also a couple other threads in this forum about converting this grill to NG, that you may want to check out for information. Both of the links I've posted have lots of information. The first one is mainly about converting grills from LP to NG. The second link listed, has lots of information about these grills in general and I think it has over 100 posts in it, so plan on taking some time to read it all.

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may i suggest seasoning the cast iron grill like you would a cast iron pan. That should stop your sticking problems.

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The conversion instructions from LP to NG on this forum are very helpful, but do not include guidance with respect to the dedicated "smoker" burner found on the very large ($1500) Member's Mark Grill sold at Sam's Club. Does anyone know the factory BTU output "as is" with LP gas?

My gut feel was to use an indexed drill bit to measure the original size, and compare that to the original sizes on the other burners (of known BTU output). However, the configuration of the burner is so different then either the main, side, or rotissere burner. Is BTU output affected by the shape and size of the burner itself, or is it only a function of the size of the oriface and the pressure of the gas delivered to it?

Has anyone tried to convert one of these new grills?

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For the sticking problem. . .

After the grill heats up, coat the cooking surface with veg oil using your tongs and a paper towel soaked in oil. Then put your meat on right away. Never had a problem sticking doing it this way.


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I am looking at purchasing the Big Event Bakers & Chefs grill at Sams Club. It is supposed to grill 65 hamburgers at the same time. Anybody had any experience with this grill? It is model # MEV808ALP and has a 1,001 sq in cooking area.

Thanks for your input........

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Hi, neither Fiesta Barbecue nor Grand Hall makes this grill they are merely distributors the same as Sams Club and one outrageously priced ebay store. They are manufactured in China and shipped here for distribution. Also the one I saw at Sams Club had conversion kits available.

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Oh yeah, these grills can be ordered online from Sams Club for pickup or delivery also so... go get 'em lol. Bruce

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Did you end up buying the 8 burner Bakers & Chefs event grill? If so, are you impressed with it?

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jackie theisen

This is for Texas A, I have had the bakers&chef's grill 4 over 10 yr's never a problem with food sticking if you leave meat alone , no moving it around til it is ready then it wont stick, check after 5-7 min's to see if it is, it will move easily then.

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I purchased the big event grill from Sam's and it was one of the worst purchases ever! The burners rust through quickly and it's hard to find replacement parts. You have to dismantle the grill to measure the burners (good luck doing that if they are rusted and falling apart when you touch them). Besides, by the time you order all the new parts it's almost just as cheap to go buy another grill!
As a new grill, I loved it. Kept it covered & cleaned but used it a lot. Food never does stick to it as mentioned in previous posts but it wears out to fast. The booklet that comes with it doesn't give you details of your particular grill, it's generic for all.

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