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valtogFebruary 7, 2005

I don't wear much make-up so I usually try to replace everything once a year, around my birthday. Usually I just go to the drug store, but I was thinking about going to a cosmetic counter and asking advice. But how do I pick one? I've had a few makeovers, but despite telling them that I like a more natural look, I always come away feeling overly made-up and "not me":))) Does anyone have any advice? Like what brands I might want to look into? There is an Origins counter at Filenes at the local mall. They seem to take a little more natural approach, but I don't know anything about their products...ANY help would be appreciated! Thanks.

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origins is owned by the Estee Lauder folks, actually, and they do have a more 'natural' approach to things...

the thing that I've noticed is it's not a matter of finding the right line so much as finding the right consultant- some of them are only interested in certain 'ages' or styles of makeup- some are only interested in making their quota, or promoting their psychic services from work, or spreading the word of god, or garlic, or whatever...

if you spritz your eyeshadow/blush/powder with an alchahol-based toner (or straight rubbing alcohol) before you put it away, it really will never go bad, despite everyone's fears- mascara needs to be replaced, though...

your best bet is to test a few counters- go looking for one thing- a lipstick is a good idea, since it's very much about color-matching. if you say natural, and they come back with something that doesn't look like your lip color- you have my permission to scowl at them, scold them, and walk away.

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Oh're a hoot...Love your style...thanks for the input and info!

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I like Origins products; I find their salesgirls well trained and knowledgeable. Ask for samples, they have tons.....

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Thank you Mitch! Always nice to hear from someone that's used the products. Val

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I absolutely love Aveda. It's the best for natural colors and no-fragrance. I do think Estee Lauder also owns them now. PS As far as the counter help people, my good friend and former roommate for years was and is a Clinique regional sales manager for Southern California and the almighty bottom line is sales. Buy only what you really adore, what looks good on you that you can replicate yourself, fits in with your lifestyle. What looks good in department store "enhanced" lighting does not always translate into harsh office lights and outdoors.

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Just walk slowly along a makeup counter and you will be attacked by the sales staff, well almost.
I think I would lean towards a consultant who was in my age group.. not one who is 20 and doesn't have a line on her face. Also, pick up the book "Don't Go To The Cosmetic Counter Without Me" from your local library, that will give you the 'skinny' on all the products. That way you will know which cosmetic lines to avoid for starters.

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You all are great! Thank you for the advice! And I'm going to see if the library has that book:)

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What Dragon said. Begoun ROCKS!!!

Since the book is fairly old (Jan 2003) you may find it through

She has a hair care book too, and a website

Here is a link that might be useful: Amazon blurb

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I love Origins. They are owned by the same company as Estee Lauder, along with Clinique. I sold Mary Kay in a former life (almost 20 years ago), then used Clinque for about 15 years. Switched to Origins two years ago and love it. I get comments on my skin all the time - people I have known for years now ask me about my complexion and what I am doing different. I use their skin care, facial products and make-up - love everything I have ever tried. Their colors are very natural, which is what I prefer. We have stand-alone stores here so I don't know how the sales staff will compare with their department store locations - but their sales staff has always been so helpful and friendly at the locations here. Have you checked out Origins website? It is good... ~ Suzie

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Checked out the Origins website. Eye Doctor looks like exactly what I've been looking for for my nastily dry eye area. Also looked at the cosmeticscop of info on all sorts of things. Thanks for all your help:)

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