Farouk CHI Flat Iron?

ramriceFebruary 21, 2007

I currently have a 1-inch ceramic flat iron, but for my thick coarse hair I think I need a 2-inch one. Does anyone have the Farouk flat iron? It's rather expensive (around $120) but I was wondering if it is better than any other 2-inch ceramic iron.

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Ramrice, I was wondering the same thing - thinking of going to a stylist and getting straightened with one before I shell out the small fortune for one of my own. I hate how much money it costs for me to be able to walk out the front door without my hair scaring people! Lol

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The Chi is the best that I've found, also the HAI. Pretty much the same quality, but the HAI is a few dollars cheaper. Check on line to get the best price. I wouldn't get the 2 inch plate, though. I don't know why, but the 1 inch one just works so much better, even on long thick hair. My clients are always amazed how straight I can get their hair with the Chi.

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Just bought the Chi and love it - The cheaper one I use to have burned bits of my hair, this one seems to be so much kinder - Personally, I think it is worth the money


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I did end up buying the 2 inch Chi (for about $90), and it is much better than the 1 inch flat iron I had. I use it once or twice a week when my hair looks too frizzy and it doesn't seem to do any damage.

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While chi is a good one GHD is far better, i have one and can flat iron any type of hair!!!! Plus the plates rotate and swivel so you can also curl your hair too. They run about 200.00 however they come with a one year warrenty, If the temp goes above or below 374 it will turn it self off! That is cause 374 is the best temp for hair anything else is either too hot or not hot enough.

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