Char Broil gas grills? Weber Genesis grills?

jasavakJuly 31, 2003

Does anybody have any experience with any of the inexpensive Char-broil gas grills. I have seen them at the store for under $150. I already have a half ton Texas smoker, and a small New Braunfels grill that I use wood to cook with. However, I miss the convenience of gas for grilling hamburgers, chicken, and steaks because I can start and finish the whole cook in 20 or 30 minutes. When I grill steaks on my wood grill it takes more than an hour just to start cooking. Is the Weber Silver Genesis grill worth paying double for if I grill on it 20 times a year?

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I have had two Charbroil grills and am currently using a Weber Silver B. I cannot tell how long the Weber will last, but I got about 6-7 years out of each Charbroil. If you look at just cost, it may make more sence to buy the cheaper grills, but I believe the difference really lies in the way you can cook on the Weber vs the Charbroils. The Charbroils were effective for cooking over "direct heat" which would cover foods that cook in 20 minutes or less. With the Weber, you can effectively cook items for hours without ruining them.
If you already have grills to cook meats slowly, then the Weber may be overkill. The Charbroil should do a good job on steaks, chicken breast and thin chops.

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I have had 2 Weber Genesis Grills since 1990, replacing the first one since I had it in Germany for 5 years and I left it with a friend.

I recently bought a $800 Virco at Costco and gave my recent 8 year Genesis to another friend.

I took back the Virco to Costco today and am now shopping for a new Weber Genesis. I'll most likely get a Genesis Gold C. You cannot go wrong with a Weber!

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I agree with GrillMeister.

I bought my first Genesis 3000 when Weber first started making them in the 80s. I had a traditional Charbroil, and the aluminum castings corroded to where the whole thing turned white. Also, the "H" shaped pressed-steel burner corroded to where I had very little heat control. And the chrome wire grills lasted maybe a year.

The engineer in me really liked the Genesis design with the pipes for burners, the flavorizer bars and the porcelain coated parts. I did the math, and if the Genesis only lasted up to its warranty, it was cheaper to own the Genesis than to buy Charbroils like the one I had.

That Genesis lasted over 10 years. I'm now on my second Genesis; a 1000, which is about 8 years old or so. (I found I didn't use the external burner)

I've replaced the bars and grates with stainless parts. And this past weekend, I replaced the rails that the bottom tray slides on. Weber sent those to me at no charge.

If I were buying a new grill now, it would be a Silver C. I wouldn't spring for the Gold, cause the SS lid is not that big of a deal to me. I can replace the bars and grates in stainless if I need to down the line. I wouldn't spring for the Summit series, 'cause it's a lot more money for something that is not much more functional. It does look cool, though...

The Silver Weber is a great cooking machine.

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what is the cost for this Weber? Thanks Dawn

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Amazon has the Silver B for $449 The C has the external berner for another $50

Here is a link that might be useful: Silver B at Amazon

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If you love to bar-b-que you need to check out this site.
I bought two of them for my charcoal/gas and my char-broil gas grill and now I don't have to worry about any stain on my deck which my husband just built.
The site is

cajun cat

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My gas grill turned over last night and when I push the ignition button flames come out the vents in front but the bars don't light at all. What's wrong with my grill? Please help

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I totally agree with everyone on the Weber, I too ,have owned the weber genesis silver since 1990. It's still going strong even now 2011,lol....Looking at it today, i wonder if i could give it a face lift, changing some parts and such,but I can't seem to find out what model number it is.Anyone happens to have the same one like mine ? the side server and the handle are grey wooden slat instead of plastic.

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