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PoorOwnerJuly 23, 2007

Hello, I am trying to build a counter for outdoor use, a fairly small one around 5.5 ft long, as a counter and also a divider between the patio from side yard which is concrete.

Plan to use cinder block and mortar construction (with veneer to finish) and I would like to put a fairly thick granite top with round edge.

so my question is, how high should the counter be, how wide(deep), and how is the granite top attached. it would be heavy enough so should I need mortar between the slab and the first course of cinder block?

Also when constructing on a slighly sloped slab meant for drainage, how would you level it?

Thanks in advance

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Use your kitchen counters as a guide. I believe the standard depth for as countertop is 25". If your kitchen has an island, you may want to use that as a guide.

In order to compensate for the slope of the slab, you may have to pour a concrete footing first before using the cinder block to build up. Use some scrap lumber and a 4 to 6 foot level to make sure your even.

Enjoy the journey.

eal51 in western CT

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