Smoke pan at Walmart...Too Small

darkman270June 20, 2002

I looked at the cast iron smoke pan at Walmart tonight. The price is right at $6.96 but the size is too small. Does anyone know of a larger one? I smoked some ribs last week and used two bags of chips. I used the small 3L bags that sell for about $1.50.

Charles in Pensacola

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I saw the ones at Walmart as well. I, myself got the ones from Lowes. They are the same, except I think they fit together nicer. The ones at Walmart seemed to be kind of rough aroung the edges and didn't fit together real well. I had a problem when I first got mine where as it didn't produce much smoke, a little, but the chips seemed to burn more than smoke. Even after soaking in water for an hour. I found the resolution. Take the lid from your smoker box and wrap it tightly in foil, then take your bbq fork and poke twice (four small holes) through the foil and center slots in the box. I found that they were getting too much air, and by doing this and putting the box right on my flame plate above the burner I was able to get about 30 minutes of bellowing smoke from soaked hickory and apple chips. Try this and see how it works for you. Good luck.

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