Grilling Pizza

DebraJune 28, 2001

Anyone had any experience grilling pizza on a charcoal grill?

I have this recipe where you use frozen bread dough for pizza dough, flatten it out brush olive oil and put it on grill, oil side down. When grill marks start to appear on bottom (amazingly you don't turn it over), you pile on the ingredients you want, cover grill and when cheese melts its ready, usually 2-3 min.

The problem I have is that the bottom turns black, still tastes good, but wish I could keep it from burning. Any ideas??

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I do this all the time and I would ignore the suggestion to "not turn it over". Reasons that I can think of off hand, in addition to your Pittsburgh style pizza results:

Much easier to put the toppings on when you are not working over the freakin' hot coals,

The grill lines on the top of the finished pizza are very attractive and add to flavor,

The pizza will have a little rest from cooking while you're loading it......

But....., I like to just toss the loaded pizza on the grill and give it about 5 - 6 minutes with the cover on. Add a few smoke chips for a very flavorful "woodfired" pizza. Want to know what I use to put the pizza on the grill without upsetting things - ever? New product! Coming out this year, so you will have to ask me (out of respect for site rules).

Any questions? Now, let's eat!


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Yes, I would like to know what you use to put the pizza back on the grill loaded. So do you grill both sides lightly then take it off, lower temperature, load the pizza and put it back on the grill? Sounds like a good idea.


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Grill one side, take off, flip over, top it, and put back on grill till done. Alternatively, just put the whole thing on the grill and bake from the start and bypass the whole on again/off again/flipping thing.

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I just buy a Home Run Inn Pizza (in the ref section, not frozen) and put it on the grill in the aluminum pan it comes in. Turns out great.

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