our members mark gas grill isn't working

BGol911388June 6, 2002

hi, we bought a member's mark gas grill model Y0101XC at Sam's Club, a lot of money, and the thing does not work. it wont go above 200 degrees F., it takes about an hour just to cook the hamburgers. when we used it the first time, it worked fine, the second time it didnt work(and consequently the next several attempts to use it, they failed). my mother looked it over, checked the gas and the line conecting it to the despensers of the gas, and everything else, and could find nothing wrong (she is the gas grill expert in the family, shes the one who bought it and put it together, and who loves this thing). so now she is heart broken because she spent $600 on something that doesnt work, and whenever we call in to the company all we get is the busy signal. This is NOT AMUSING at all, and it is bothering us quite a bit. So i need to find the information of where we can get in touch with them. We cannot seem to find this information. if you are going to kindly say the 1-800-770-9769 number..well thats the one that doesnt work. so please folks, help out 2 women who are running around ripping hair out of their head. or who will in about a week take a hammer to the grill and smash it to bits. please, knowing how much you ladies and gentlemen love grills, i'm positive that you would want to help us out. thank you so much.

sarah and her mother


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Since the grill worked fine the first time, everything sounds like it is OK. Here is something you can try which is common to all gas grills which now uses the new style LP tank valves, not just the MM grills. When you turn on the main valve from your LP tank, make sure to open it slowly. It seems that with these new vales that are now required on LP tanks, to prevent over filling, if you open the valve to fast the valve is designed to restrict the flow of gas. This is a safety feature in case of a leak. With the restricted gas flow you would not get the high temps.

If you do need to contact Grand Hall, try calling first thing in the morning. I've called them a couple time then and got right through.

Grand Hall USA, Inc.
11880 Shiloh Road
Dallas, TX 75228
Tele: (214) 349-1097 or (800) 770-9769
Fax: (214) 553-0090
Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00am - 4:30pm CST

Grand Hall does have a web site (http://www.grandhall.com) and a general email address (general@grandhall.com), but I'm not sure what online support they offer.

Hope this helps and happy grilling.


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Keep calling the number the Tll free number I have talk to them twice within the last week. Once to order some stuff from the Catalog that came in the grill and last Thursday to order a replacement valve for one of the burner that went bad. The new valve came by UPS today and covered under warranty. Try around 2 or 3 central time thats when I have gotten thru. If the valve trick doesn't work, you may have a bad regurator and they will replace it.

Good Luck

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I have also seen this problem occur due to the opening of the valve too fast. I have found that if you have one of the burners on high before you open the tank valve, it seems to alleviate this problem. Just open one of the burner valves to high, open the tank valve as fast as you want then turn the burner off. Wait a couple of seconds then turn burner on and light as normal. I seem to have noticed that this is more common when the grill is sitting in the heat for a while. It does not seem to be affected near as much in the morning hours when it is cooler and (in my case) when the sun is not on the grill for a long while. I think it might have something to do with the heat expanding what gas is in the line between the regulator and the gas valve. Good luck, bsbbq

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There is a safety device in the connector just before the regulator. There is a small ball that will stop or restrict the flow from the tank to the regulator. It is designed to stop flow if the hose ruptures, etc.

If the tank valve is opened too fast, you will send the little ball crashing into the end of the fitting nearest the regulator where it might stick and restrict the flow.

While you are wating for a response from Grand Hall or a new regulator, you can try this. If you are mechanically inclined, unscrew the fitting from the regulator. Try to blow both forward and backward through the fitting. If you can't free the ball this way, tap the tank end of the fitting on a piece of wood. If that does not work, you can try to gently push the ball back with a small wire. Be careful not to damage the small spring in there. If you get to this point, you may get it working but should replace the regulator under waranty.

If you get the ball unstuck, reattach everything. Use some sealer (teflon, etc from the hardware store) on the threads going into the regulator.

Good luck,

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I know you may have had trouble reaching gh in the past but they have installed a new phone system with many more lines.You should be able to get through now I noticed a big improved-didnt have to wait at all.Here is the Customer service rep's e-mail that I used-you could drop her a line too

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