Best way to remove armpit hair?

organicboatFebruary 26, 2007

Hi, I'm new to this forum. Any good recommendation?

Thanks in advance!

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Hmm,I dont know,I have always just shaved mine since I was like,12. If I miss ONE day though,you'd be surprized how much is there! Wish there was a better way to keep it gone longer...but you'd think waxing it would hurt quite a bit.

maybe others will have more advice! Welcome!

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Shaving. Waxing. Depilitory. Laser. Plucking.

Pick one.

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I've heard that laser is particularly effective in this area, although painful.

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Thanks for sharing... was just wondering what method actresses use as they always look so "clean"!

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They probably spent the time and money$$$$ needed for electrolysis.

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Has anyone waxed in this area? Lately I've had one little section of hair that I just can't seem to get off with shaving (no matter what direction I try; it's driving me crazy!). Anyway, I was really thinking of waxing since I had my legs done last year and loved it, but I didn't know if it was really, really painful and if it even lasted long enough to be worth it. Anyone have any experience with it? Thanks.

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I did one laser treatment years ago. It seemed to reduce the amount of hair for a few years. The treament caused some blockage of pores that required a antiobiotic I think to clear up (? long time ago) and made the skin look brown and saggy for awhile. Years later its all like it used to be. I recently had chin treatments - 2 with no clear affect. The place now says it takes 6-8 treatments to be "done" when they used to advertise 3 treatments.
I think the jury is still out on laser treatments although I think for underarm's its probably the best way if it works.
Oh yes, the beginning of the treatment feels like little zaps, by the end it hurts quite a bit. Think of someone getting you with a rubberband. One or two does not hurt to bad, now think of that for 1/2 hour. that's sort of what its like.

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Carla, make sure to slough the area with the scrubby gloves or a loofah sponge before shaving. Many times it is deodorant or dead skin buildup that prevents you from getting a good, close shave. Scrub the area really well and use a new razor. Also stretch your skin in different directions while shaving for a closer shave.

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I wax my armpits almost twice a month and i must say that it doesnt pain that much as i wax before the growth is tooooo much. also with shaving i started getting pigmentation and hair were harder. but now with waxing it is smoother and pigmentation is reducing. i wud highly recommend waxing.As for the pain...i guess one gets used to it ...or i shud say i have ...since the growth isnt that much the pain is also less.
Hope this was helpful
Also i am trying to make wax at home (trying to save money) let me know if anyone can tell me a good recipe .

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I've been shaving for years, but recently I've been trying out plucking. The first time it was pretty rough trying to see and reach every hair without getting a cramp in my neck and arm, but now the touch ups aren't as bad and the hair seems to be growing thinner now. I'm just trying something new because I'm tired of fighting with ingrown hairs. Ugh.

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HI , I would personally recommend the Viss Beauty home IPL machine! it worked wonders for me, it not only got rid of all my armpit hair, but my arm and leg hair too, i have used it for about 4 months and done about 4 treatments on all the areas, and not the hair seems to just have stopped growing back. Im very pleased ( ) the great part about IPL is that there is no pain involved like laser, just a warm tingle, and thats it!
goodluck i hope that helps.

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I've tried cold wax once and tbf it didn't hust at all and afterwards the hairs were noticibly thinner and alot less visible :)

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One word: epilators. No pain, no gain - initially. The follicles do weaken by the third time or so (YMMV) so it isn't as painful. I have been epilating lower legs and pits for about nine years with a Phillips tweezer type unit. There are certain spots on my shins that I have to use my eyes and not go by feel since the hairs just seem to slide out. Amazon or support your local shaver shop.

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To shwetagarg, and anyone else, you can make a home sugaring solution with plain 'ol white sugar and a little water and lemon juice. The sugar solution works just the same as salon wax but doesn't smart quite as much because the sugar doesn't adhere to skin.
Recipes are all over the web. Just Google home sugaring. I've been making my own for about 4 years.

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