Nylon Washers To Assemble Grill Frame

bbarelJune 9, 2002

I could not bring myself to use the metal screws directly on the newly painted metal frame of my brand new grill since this would cause scratches and invite rust. My concern was easily solved with $4 worth of nylon washers. Too bad the hardware store only had white ones instead of black to match the grill, but I don't really care. I'm glad I passed on free assembly and put it together myself.

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The only problem with Nylon washers is that Nylon is only rated to about 230' to 250' F. If these are on or near your lid, this may create a problem for you, when they melt. I would recomend Teflon washers as they are good to 550' F. They are also self lubricating and should last longer in a high heat situation. Good luck.


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