grill 2 go

jekursJune 15, 2002

Has anyone tried the new grill 2 go? What do you think?

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I bought one last year, and love it for the portability and a respectable amount of cooking power *if you let it heat up sufficiently*. It takes both large and small propane. Not as much output as a 2 burner Camp Chef type stove (which requires a big propane tank), but once it gets heated up (that is the key, let it heat up good otherwise it won't catch up with a full grill of burgers, etc.!)

I like the fact it came with a full set of teflon-friendly utensils, but the grease catcher is built poorly and prone to breaking off. Once that is gone you have a bit of a mess to deal with. Mine survived a Canyon microburst that blew everything across the camp and bent our tent posts (we were standing up inside doing everything possible to keep from being blown away). The clasp that holds the lid down broke, (the grease catcher container clip had broke previously) but everything else was fine. I think it is made pretty well and has no competitors that I am aware of with that much grill space and portability.

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Don't waste your time! Take a look at the Coleman Roadtrip Grill - much better than the grill 2 go. Much more versatile product for slightly more $$ - you can grill, griddle, or cook on a stove-top. More power, too.

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