Jewellery marked 925 but gold colour

justlindaJune 6, 2009

I came across this chain on the "free" table today while at a garage sale. It was in a small plastic baggie and had wool fibres entangled in it. After disentangling I noticed it was marked "925 IF" so I assumed it was sterling, but it seemed to be gold coloured. sterling ever plated with gold? Or is gold ever classified 925, don't think so, but need to ask.

Guess the learning curve is a mighty wide one, eh? Thanks for all the help.

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I just did a magnet test, and the only part that is attracted to the magnet is the clasp that fastens the necklace. Not sure if this is significant or not, but thought I'd post a note.

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925 is silver. Gold over the top is gold wash or plate over the silver..

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There are a couple of catalogs that have gold over 925 silver so it isn't unusual at all "Bradford Exchange"fine Jewelry exclusives (bradfordexchange.comjewelry) "Ross &Simons" ( I think Diamondque Don't have their catalog & that's spelled wrong??? Anyway several companies & I think some of stuff on QVC by Tech- something is also that way. I don't buy I just look at GF's catalogs, fun to see what is in fashion out there!

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Are you sure it doesn't say "925 GF"?
Gold over silver is fairly common ....and if it's"washed" the gold willw ear very quickly....but then you have silver!
If it's Gold filled" the gold layer is thicker and will last longer.
Nice chain for free at any rate!
Linda C

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A gold wash is very thin on the order of a few millionths of an inch. It is put on by dunking the object into the gold wash solution for a short period of time. The plating is purely chemical in nature and no electrical current is used. Its primary purpose is corrosion protection and appearance while in storage or in a store display. It is not durable and will rub through.

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