short handle leather purse

rabbit8February 27, 2006

Just purchased a nice leather purse from Dillard. The leather straps are not long enough to carry across my shoulders. It's the kind that doesn't have a top to close it up. It just open and all you have to do is reach in it and get what you want, except for the zipper partition in the middle of it. Are the bags with the short straps a popular purse? Plus it came with the beautiful scented cream color flannel drawstring bag in it. Can anyone tell me what this bag can be used for. The purse is made by Antonio Melani and it has a beautiful purple lining in it.

Thanks for your help

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The flannel bag is used to store your purse when not used.

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Bags with all kinds of handles are popular, short ones, long ones and in between. Enjoy your new purse. Sounds like a pretty lining too.

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