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abgardeneerFebruary 16, 2004

While buying some clothes on the weekend, I tried on a wool turtle-neck sweater - I told the salesperson it was very nice but that the sleeves were too short for me. She said - "No problem, we can just block the sleeves for you" and took it in the back and did so! Voila! Now the sleeves were amply long, so I bought it (along with some other irresistible things). I guess when I get it dry-cleaned (or hand-wash it, less likely), I'll have to have the sleeves re-blocked, but I've never been offered this service before and didn't know it would solve a sleeve-length problem - how did this escape my attention, LOL?!?!

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Very good! But the thing I most noticed about your post is that you can wear wool sweaters. I so wish I could, but I always end up with a red rash. Everyone in my family does.

I should try that. I always block my good sweaters by shaping them on a mesh drying rack and pinning them into place (no-rust pins) until they dry.

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Might have just steamed & shaped it -- that's how some wool felt hats get shaped.

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well- wool does stretch nicely when steamed, and as long as you pull both gently and EVENLY on the sleeves, not only will it not damage the sweater- but eventually, it will 'remember' that shape, and tend to stay that way...

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