What can a Bluestar do American Range Performer can't?

needinfo1January 18, 2013

I'm still in range-purchasing limbo. This is a much more difficult decision than I thought it would be. I saw a floor model Performer that is discounted, and it is a lot cheaper than the RNB even if I factor in the cost to get a new door in a color rather than just sticking with the ss the floor model is.

I've seen both the BS and the Performer in person and know there are differences in components, congfigurations and design. But, cooking-wise, is there an advantage to the BS over the AR? The BS is quite a bit more money even if one doesn't find a floor model.


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Hi, I have been agonizing over my choice for a 36" dual fuel range for months! I am a professional baker and needed a large capacity oven. I really wanted the wolf , but the oven is too small. I decided on the American Medallion dual fuel and am very confident in my final decision. There are not many reviews on the american range, but of the twelve or so I have read only one was negative. I have heard there are not that many reviews because american ranges for residential use have only been out for 5 years, though the technology has a 10 year track record per the engineer I talked to yesterday. Yes, I was SO fortunate to talk to the engineer who designs these ranges and wow I received much needed information. Though I am in need of the df, he did speak of the Performer as an excellent range and a popular choice. American has been making commercial ranges for over 40 years and they have such a solid track record. They are one of the most insulated ranges out there and have a strong commercial build. Good luck with your decision!

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Yes, isn't making this decision the pits? And, to make it harder there just isn't that much info out there about American Range. How did you manage to speak to the engineer who designs the ranges? Did you contact the manufacturer? I am also interestd in your comment about these being one of the most insulated ranges and wonder if their door's exterior would be cooler than the Bluestar that so many people have commented on. You were lucky to speak to the engineer to have your questions answered. Thanks for taking the time to reply.

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I was very lucky to speak to him! The last part of our conversation was how well insulated they are, like their commercial ovens. He made a point to say they are so insulated the outside oven stays cool, and not to worry about the surrounding counters and cabinets, or kids around it. He spends much time testing them out cooking different items. Hope this helps!

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Great help! Thanks much!

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Need info, there's a bit of "Barking up the wrong Tree" here, at least as far as how hot the oven door gets.

Electrolux advertised "The coolest door in the Industry" and indeed mine is cool.

But that is NOT a function of the insulation, but rather how they control airflow on the inside of the door. Note that most of your higher end ovens (Electrolux included) have "Double glass panes separated by and empty area" on the oven door. This along with
the way they handle airflow in that area is what actually keeps the oven doors so cool.

Not having a Blue Star, I don't know if they have the double panes or the American Performer, for that matter, but as I see you are concerned about the oven door temp, it might be best to find out what American does, to try to keep the door cool.


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Have you gone to the American Range website? Look up the performer and check out their spec sheet. Check out the performers innovection heat pattern.

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American Range's website is pretty useless we've discovered. They seem to have a standard template they use for all of their product info sheets whether or not it actually applies to that particular product. And, some of these are inaccurate according to other things they publish. I finally had to contact an AR rep to get some correct info.

Now, after all of this, AR may be a no-go for us anyway because of the depth of their range. We have a configuration where their extra depth (compared to some of the other manufacturers) probably is too deep for us.

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And note also that AR's manual forbids manually lighting burners in a power outage, a point that will be of concern to those looking for AG ranges with minimal electronics. This is one thing a BlueStar can do.

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We too were considering the Performer and were put off by the 30" depth. So we took the 4 hour drive to see one in person and actually measure it. The depth from the rear to the front of the stove is 24" not including the door. That works for us since our countertops/cabinets are 24" deep. Include the door and you are at 26". Include the handle and you are at 30". We are going for it, but not until June. My concern was the body of the range protruding from the cabinets. It doesn't , just the door, which my current 20 year old stove also does.

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It was the depth including the protrusion of the handle that made it too deep for our configuration. Because of how far the handle protrudes, we wouldn't have been able to open a drawer in the adjacent counter of our L-shaped configuration.

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I have a 14 year old Heartland dual fuel range. It is beautiful but has been plagued with functional issues so I am ready to say goodbye rather than invest another 700.00 for new hinges and a new control panel. It is self clean. After much research I think I want to invest in the American Range but am struggling to decide between the Medallion, the Heritage and the Cuisine. The Medallion is the most expensive but has the dual fuel and the self clean. I have never had a non-self clean oven. The Heritage has a larger oven capacity but is all gas and the innovection feature. Does anyone have any advice?

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