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michie1January 16, 2004

During the summer months I rarely wear foundation. My skin alwasy has a nice glow, even without tanning & feel subtle. I don't have the sallow complection, dry patches & big undereye circles BUT when winter arrives I look like I'm dead & must wear foundation to cover up all the imperfections.

I've been wearing the same Revlon stay put foundation for yrs b/c at least it doesn't run off & leave white ring around my mouth when I drink & the tone is perfect BUT I find that it's too matte & thus settles into the fine lines. I understand dewy is more popular (although I don't nec like greasy looking either) & is better with aging skin SO.

What long lasting/water resistant foundation has anyone found that might help me. Also what are all these things I hear about light reflecting lotions & foundations & illuminating wands. Do they really work?


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Light reflecting and illuminating are not necessarily good things for a more mature skin, imoho.....
A more dewy, less matte foundation can be made more matte with a light sprinkling of loose invisible powder...
I just tried a sample of foundation that had a matte effect and when I looked at myself in outside light, I realized it was not attractive, it looked too "made up"....

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Do you moisturize before putting on your foundation? If not, maybe that's why the lines are showing up more. I have a little problem with that myself sometimes---if I don't moisturize first.

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I don't use foundation often and have had the same bottle of Chanel for about 3 years. I was traveling a few weeks ago and forgot it and ended up in a drugstore where I bought Nutrogena copper something or other. Love it. Even more than the Chanel and it certainly is a lot cheaper.


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I find that having exfoliating facials every 3 months helps remove dead skin from the surface hence my skin is less matte and foundation appears more dewy....
when I'm "due" for my facial, I find my skin duller and notice a big difference when I have the facial.

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They work... for some things.

like when you're getting your pictures taken...

the rest of the time, I think they lend an unreality that just accents the fact you're wearing foundation... and good foundation should go unnoticed...

you recognize this, since you're noticing that the finish is too matte...have you tried mixing it half and half with a good moisturizer? (I use the yellow stuff from Clinique, but my bottle's several years old)

I will comment that waterproof foundations aren't good for your skin, and are normally something that I only see exotic dancers wearing...and if it's leaving a visible trace after eating (where it's worn away) then you really should look for something closer to your true skin tone...

a sallow complexion is better addressed by framing the face in more flattering colors (that reflect better light to your skin) than by trying to change the color of the skin its self.

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I love Estee Lauder. I have tried a bunch of them and for some reason it is the best for my mature skin.

I'm almost 45 and I've been using EL for the last 10-15 years trying others in between. They have one that I absolutely love. I am at a loss for the name but it is light diffusing. I thihk it came out in the last 3 years or so. It doesn't look like you have anything on and covers pretty good. The moisturizing one was too heavy for me.

Matte is prettiest on youthful skin in my opinion. Using a moisturizer first will make it look better too. A very light dusting of a powder on cheeks helps me so it doesn't disappear. I just make sure I don't do my eye area or it accentuates the wrinkles.

On color: don't be afraid to mix two colors if that is what it takes to find the right color on you. I have to do that and I use more of the dark in the summer, more of the light in winter. If you don't stick your fingers into it you won't contaminate it and it will last.

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To answer some of your questions:

I dampen & then moisturize my face before applying foundation & after that dries I use concealer & then pressed powder to rid the shine. Maybe if I left the shine from the foundation that would be the dewy look but yet I find it greasy looking & am not fond of that either, ugh!

Maybe I'm using the wrong terms in ref to light reflecting or illuminating but what I am refering to are cosmetics I've seen on shopping chanels & they are supposed to be better for mature skin b/c they "diffuse" the light supposedly making one look air brush & not focusing on the lines. I don't have many lines - I'm 38 & have been told I look like 25 but who doesn't want to take advantage of technology & look better & more youthful when possible. I also think some of these wands highlighters are used more to highlight the good features so yur eyes is drawn away from the darker or worse features. I was hoping someone had had experience with them to see how they REALLY work.

I don't use waterproof foundation but I think it's long lasting. It's lightweight & washes off with soap & water & it's the perfect light coverage to even out my skin tone duringthe winter month. The only problem I have with my current foundaiton is I was hoping to have the same quality LONG LASTING product without the matte look. Using moisurizer, which I do in my opinion makes no differnece b/c moisutrizer dries. The reason I use it is to help the foundation glide more smoothly & evenly.

I am definitely not interested in mixing colors. Finding the color isn't the problem. Maybe in yrs past when I'd get that ring around the mouth maybe I didn't do such a good job of color matching & maybe I should give the newer products a try even though they don't claim to be long lasting.

Ponderinstuff~ I'd be interested in the name of the product you use if you have it.

Thanks everyone.


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Hi Michie,

I copied the info of of a site for these two products. The best thing is to go someplace and try them. These are my favorites, but they have long lasting ones too. I actually use the So Ingenious and then use a mineral foundation VERY lightly over the top instead of a powder. The only reason I do that is because I have very red cheeks sometimes because of extremely sensitie skin. Otherwise I wouldn't use anything over the foundation. That is what works best for me.

A couple suggestions for you to try with what you are doing, if you aren't already doing so: When you use your powder use a good powder brush, it will give a lighter look than pressing the powder in. Use a VERY fine mist of water on your face after all your makeup is applied, it will set it and it will look a little more dewy.

Light-Diffusing Makeup SPF 8
The radiantly perfect face. Softly diffuses light to minimize and soften the look of fine lines and wrinkles.
- Medium coverage
- Natural finish
- For N/O, N/D, Dry Skin

So Ingenious
Multi-Dimension Liquid Makeup SPF 8
Breakthrough liquid makeup with new QuadraColor Technology. Fine-tunes itself to shifts in light so you always look natural.
- Sheer to medium coverage
- Natural finish
- All Skintypes

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