Beauty Make-over (long)

michie1January 16, 2004

In addition to being bored with my hair (see previous post)I am also at a loss as what to do with make-up. I'm not completely outdated - I wear neutrals with not too much make-up, but I would love someone to show me how to apply eye shadow that doesn't look like I'm wearing a dirty eye (I find bronzer on eye & face to be my main staples along with lipstick, eyebrow cream & eyeliner) & on how to choose the proper cosmetics to make my skin look more youthful & hip. I am 38 & consider myself hip & have been told I ook 10 yr younger but I feel like I've lost it since I am no longer mingling with teh work force, but after being home for 2-1/2 yrs with my daughter & buying more parent, women's magazine & decorating mags, instead of fashion mags I am feeling not as exciting & modern as I used to feel & want to be able to learn how to change my make-up look from everyday to glamourous. Last Xmas (2002) someone gave me a gift cert for makeover & I was thrilled but in actuality all it was was someone applying make-up on me, not teaching me helpful hints & showing me how to apply to achieve certain things. I ended up using it for a family photo shoot, so at least it didn't go to waste, even if it wasn't what I really wanted. Any suggestions where one would go for something like that that won't try to sell you their pricey products?


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I have had a few makeovers in the last few years, I mean the type where the cosmetician "does" you up, and usually I was happy with the change right at first but at the end of the day, did not like it anymore. One day I went in a Guerlain shop to buy a tinted cream they have and the girl offered to do my makeup; I told her up front I would
not buy products (except the cream) , she said no problem.
I liked what she did and walked out and thanked her. I liked the new eye makeup at the end of the day, and I ended up returning to buy it and I've been wearing the look she did, ever since.

So I guess my advice is to try and take advantage of offers they make at beauty counters until you find the look you like; then you can buy the more expensive eye shadow let's say, and buy your own eye pencil and mascara less expensive at the drug store.

I finally have creme eyeshadow that stays on all day, and I know how to apply it; I guess it's a question of finding the right cosmetician who can teach you well.

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drat- the best makeup artist I know jsut packed up her micro-salon, and is in the process of moving from Manhatten to Brooklyn...she's the queen of 'perfecting' techniques... when she's done with me, I have a hard time telling I have makeup on, but I look, well, perfect.

but finding a decent girl at one of the counters isn't TOO hard...go during the week, before the kids get out of school, and ideally, you want a lady who's your age or older working on only takes 2 minutes to get a feel for the ones who are doing it because they love makeup, and the ones who are just there for the paycheck.

I've found that my makeup has become a lot less trendy as I've aged... in the 80's, we all looked like Joan Jett, or Christy Brinkley, eh? now, there's more choices that are based on things like our ethnicity/facial structure, coloring, style...

I'm a big fan of liquid liners in soft colors (heathered purples, gray, brown) and a compact from 'LORAC' that's got four 'illuminating' shades- ivory, peach, pink, and lavander that I use (very lightly) as highlights...much the same way you seem to use bronzer

and what K calls 'lip colored lipsticks'...which is a cool, soft pink in my case, and much more of a warm cinnamon in my mother's case.

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I am definitely not interested in the make-up counter route. They are there to sell the products & although they might do a nice job of applying make-up nicely what I want is someone to TEACH me what type of products to look for to meet my needs (someone who knows what's out there in the make-up world - not only in their line) & also to show me how to apply it, for example eye shadow nicely for occassions, or where to hightlight properly or to answer the questions I've had above about dewy foundation.

I too have found that I no longer do all the colors I used to in the 80's where my eyeliner match my shadow & hot pink lips (yikes!). I like neutrals, like my bronzer & nude, or mauvy tones or toned down pink lipsticks. I like the look of being neat & clean without noticing I have make-up on although I also have found that in the last yr or 2 I need more make-up to look natural, if that makes any sense. I would no longer ever consider going out without eye liner or without darkening my brows which are too light. I've heard that frames the face & makes women look younger. Those are the types of tips I'd like from a professional. I currently look fine but am extrememly bored with doing the same thing for so many yrs & not knowing how to chang emy look from day to night. I was very disappointed when the make-over gift cert I rec'd was for just having someone apply make-up to me. That taught me nothing. I was hoping to find out how you search for someone who is actually a make-up artist & is willing to teach you how to do your make-up, almost as they do in the show "what not to wear".

Thanks bunches,

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