Member's Mark Gas Grills Part 3 (Continued Discussion)

LaddJune 13, 2002

This discussion thread is about the Member's Mark stainless steel gas grills sold at Sam's Club.

While GardenWeb (now) limits a thread to 100 posts, this specific discussion goes back unbroken to November of 1999, so if you are considering the purchase of one of these grills, or are already an owner of one, any information you are looking for is probably here. And if your specific questions isn't answered in the past info, just ask here! :-)

The URL for the 100-message block of information immediately prior to this new thread is:

Near the beginning of that previous thread will be URLs for information prior to that thread, and so on, and so on.

Looking forward to the next 100 messages posted here! :-)

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To all you Fathers - Happy Fathers Day - Hope you got a new Members Mark Grill for a present! Just like to add my two cents worth about THE GRILL - as far as gas usage(LP)goes, I must have the exception to the rule- I'm still using the same 20 lb. tank from February till now! I use the grill for my family 3-4 times a week(kids actually asked the other day "when are we eating a stove cooked meal again?") I've done 6 rotissere cookings - from Turkey to Chicken to Pork Loins -plus numerous steaks, chops,sausage, chicken breasts, and of course hot dogs and hambergers. My wife and I actually joke about when do you think the gas will run out, or is someone sneaking in and filling the tank at night? Anybody else got an explanation?
All in all- It's the BEST investment for grilling that I could recommend! I've friends that use the Webers and the Hollands and the other $500 - $800 grills and none compare for size, style, and price. I have the grill on the front porch in the winter and every time I use it someone has to stop to admire it! Well, Happy grilling to all owners and future owners and keep those recipes coming. P.K.

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I've been in heaven every since I purchased this grill. I used the rotissere for the first time last weekend with 2 chickens on the spit. They came out looking like a picture but were a little dry. How long should two 4 lb. chickens take? I have also purchased a good meat thermometor so I will be able to monitor the doneness better.

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I am with you guys and love my new grill.

I do not have enough history to offer input on the LP consumption but since all of my other appliances are already LP wanted to connect the grill to the house for convenience. (Not to mention that all of my 20lb LP bottles do not have the new OPD valves and no one in my state will fill them!) I cooked on the grill several times using a nearly empty 20lb bottle. I was pleased with the performance but never actually did the 10 minute temp check that many have suggested. Since there was already a 1/2" pipe stub under my deck I decided to run 1/2" black pipe out to the gril and terminate to a 1/2" ball valve before going to flexible hose. With only a 4 foot run, I decided to go to a local supply house that advertised LP accessories and have a hose made rather than buying the 12' hose from Home Depot. I was there when he made the hose and noticed that the LP hose that he had was only 1/4' ID. To compound that, the 3/8" flare fittings that he used have a slightly smaller than 1/4' opening. I hoped that on a 4' run this would not be too restrictive.

I tested the grill by running all 3 main burners on high and saw less than 300 degrees after 10 minutes. In addition, there was an odd smell that I suspect was the result of a "lean" burn. I was on a deadline, since I was cooking for 7 the next day so I went ahead and left it this way. I cooked burgers and sausages and for this type of food, I managed, but even when grilling for a longer than 10 minute period, I never saw more than 350 degrees.

I went ahead and bit the bullet... I contacted a commercial hydraulics place that I had dealt with in the past. He made me a 3/8" line with 3/8" flares that actually have full openings. Since the original hose is only 5/16" and I am still only going 4', I was sure this would work. I hooked this up last night and for the first time was able to look at the flame. (all other testing was done with bright sun) The flame looked good, I performed yet another test and was still not impressed. No strange smell, but a 10 minute burn was good for only 300 degrees.
This morning, I broke down and put the LP bottle back on and ran the 10 minute test and was shocked to see just a slight improvement over last night's test.

I realize that I need to build a manometer to confirm the plumbing in the house. This is a new system (house was just finished last July) and the line run outside is 1/2" the whole way and is considerable shorter than the 1/2" line run to my 75,000 BTU furnace in my attic! My concern is that I did not see a noticeable improvement with the portable bottle and Grand Hall's regulator. I realize that these are not NASA quality gauges, but I think I can tell the difference between 300 and 500 degrees. I am not seeing that kind of performance.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi Lee,

Couple thoughts here. If the pressure was low from the house that could have caused the problem. However, if you had a full bottle of LP and a new pressure regulator and did not turn it on slowly, then it also could be providing low pressure. I was at a friends the other night and he couldn't get his grill to get hot. We turned it all off. Turned off the bottle and then turned the bottle on full. Then we turned on one burner low and once it started, then it all came up to temp.

There is one other point that I made a mistake on. I thought for about two weeks that my grill was not getting hot enough until my sweet wife pointed out to me that the lower numbers on the outside guage were centegrate and the upper farenheit. Woops. Then I realized we were getting adequate temps. By comparison, with two burners going for ten minutes I get 500 degrees.


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> How long should two 4 lb. chickens take?

About two hours.

Temperature-wise, chicken is supposed to be cooked to 180 degrees. I usually pull mine off the rotisserie a little before that.

At least with my grill, if the chickens are cooked until the skin is brown and crispy, they are WAY overcooked. If other folks note this also, have you figured out a way to cook the outside skin more without overcooking the inside meat?


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Trust me, the Virco is not going anywhere. The customer service is excellent that I have received so far as I am sure the service is from Grand Hall. Companies know today that they have to provide an excellent level of service to their customers, because of medias like this one, if they don't, they won't be around. I can tell all of you first hand after talking to the guy that reps the Virco to Costco that they aren't going anywhere. The company has been around over 20 years and are in the process of filling an order for Costco for another 194 trucks of these grills for the entire country. Each truck holds about 50 grills, so you do the math. I am sure that both grills are of good quality. I myself almost bought the MM after doing about three weeks of research. I found that Grand Hall was a company of good reputation, as is Virco. I believe the reader's comment above is rooted from another reader's comment I saw stating the he was in AZ and had talked to a store manager that had told him that he didn't know if they were going to get anymore in. I find it hard to believe that someone of LPSAGE's credibility would buy in to that when he has seen both grills and agreed to the great quality of the Virco as well as the MM. BTW, I have never had any problem with LP delivery to my Virco and tonight I just converted to the factory available NG conversion kit, which does not void the warranty, unlike the MM. I had zero problems and the grill still gets to 500 in 12 minutes flat! I acknowledge the great quality of both the MM and the Virco, but for me, I liked the SS burners (5 year warranty) and the full SS cabinet with double doors and the extra BTU's. So, for me it was worth the extra $200.00. I find it interesting that LPSAGE would at first bash the Virco (seemingly had mistaken it for the Kirkland), then later he considered it a worthy grill and of good quality like the MM, now, once again, bashing it. It seems to me that a CGE would be more consistant than that. I know one thing, if I ever, EVER have a problem with the grill, that for some reason the manufacturer cannot take care of, I can always take it back to Costco for a full refund, FOREVER, no questions asked. Can Sam's customers say that? I don't think so. I know that LPSAGE will jump on the warranty issue because he thinks that the company is bailing out of the states now and MM warranty can't hold a candle to Virco's, so I thought I would take care of that before he did.

Vircon?? You been drinkin' again boy?

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I have read several posts from people who have had trouble getting in touch with both Grand Hall and Virco at certain "high traffic" times of day. I think that is reasonable for any company that is going through growing pains. I personally have had no problems getting a hold of the Virco service people. You simply have to be smarter than the masses, realizing geographically where they are, finding out when they open (in relation to your time zone) and then simply call them when THEY first come in. (Not rocket science) In what I HAVE seen on these forums, there has been a lot less reason for the Virco owners to even worry about customer service than those MM owners. Our Virco grills already come with casters that are rated at 400 pounds each! They also (Virco) use a medical grade latex rubber for the ignitor button covers, not a generic neoprene that will crack after a short time. From what I can tell, there has been less of a need for the Virco people to get a hold of customer service, except for maybe the NG conversion kit.

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To follow-up on bsbsq's comments: I just bought the Virco, very pleased with the build quality. The fact that the unit comes assembled and does not take the 2-3 documented hours some of the other grills mentioned require is worth a lot. Time is money!

On the Virco Service. I did something admittedly a little ignorant. I wanted to fire the grill up (including rotisserie)to see if every thing worked and to burn off any residue from the manufacturing process. However, I didn't read the "entire" mannual that states, in regular print 1/2 way through the book, that you should remove the warming rack because the back burner gets so hot. The mannual even warns of the rack getting so hot it will warp. Guess what, they were right! I pleaded my ignorance to customer service and I had a new one UPS'd in 4 days.

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I am not the discussion thread police but I would like to see this forum stay informative for all of us that have purchased the MM gas grill from Sam's club. There is another very useful forum for Virco owners to discuss their grills. Both of these grills are excellent choices and people are free compare them and choose to buy whichever one they like without ridicule and name calling as seen above.

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If you had any sense you would understand the difference between "Medical Grade" and "Surgical Grade". One is more widely used than the other, but I would not expect someone of your caliber to know that. I won't expound on that, because I am sure you won't understand. Your only knowledge seems to be self ordained rather than actually researched as an educated person might do. But, it is obvious that I have been engaged in a "Battle of Wits" with an unarmed person, and now I refuse to be involved with such banter between myself and an individual who changes sides and opinions like the weather. You seem to be one who obviously resents anything said that negates or conflicts with what you have said, who cannot constructively debate, but rather resorts to an infantile state of defense. So, I bequeath your inutility to others of this forum who may find benevolence for you, because I myself am exhausted from your vacillating on the issue and am finished giving my focus of attention to your immature and ostentatious attitude. I will only finish with agreeing that this forum has gotten off the subject and I find myself only responding because of your rash attack (once again) and bashing of others.

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And appologies to this thread. I'll say this and leave.

Dipsage/Resident Troll - Name calling sinking to "that level"? Considering you have called me "fat & chubby" (SO not true), "stupid", a "bored house frau", and then even resorted to posting my private email address on this board/the net - I find your post a bit conflicting to say the least. See ya!

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LOL !!!

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I must admit I found the first sentence of your response amusing.

While your approach may be extreme - I agree on the vinyl. My house is stone (limestone/lannon stone) but the previous owners but on a cheesy addition with some vinyl. Not to worry - it will go away when I rebuild it.

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It appears that the scourge of these boards, LPSAGE is at again. BBSQ your are exactly on the (members) mark with your comments. meagain, I have been enjoying your banter with this idiot. But, if we ignore him he will go away. CGE...sounds like something he made up. Of course, he will bash this comment as well.

As for the VIRCO...I think it sounds awesome. I purchased the Members Mark last year, before the VIRCO was available. While I am very happy with the Members Mark, I don't think it will last as long as the VIRCO. One of these days I'll figure out how to convince my wife that we should check out the VIRCO. In the meantime, I'm grilling up a storm and burning thru a tank of LP every 3-4 weeks. I really can't say anthing negative at this point about the Member's Mark. It is a great deal...but for a few more bucks the VIRCO sounds even better. Too bad it wasn't around when I bought mine.

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I just wanted to send out a shout to a few of you for helping me resolve a couple of issues with my new MM grill. As many of you suggested, as long as I called Grand Hall early or late in the day, we had no problem getting through.

Good grilling to all of you anf thanks again,


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I finally got around to doing the NG conversion. I drilled the three main burners with a #44 drill,the side burner with a #51 and the rotissorie with a #53.

The problem that I am having is that the rotissorie seems to have too much flow. When I light it, blue flame leaps for the top of it. At night I can sometimes see a blue flame flicker out the back of the top of the hood.

I did not look at the flame when I was using LP gas so I have no way to use that for a reference.

Any ideas? If #53 is too big for me is there a way to get a new jet to start again?

Finally has anyone ever tried painting the burners with that new 1200 degree paint made for BBQ's? I dought that the burners get that hot with the cool gas flowing through them. (an oxygen acetylene torch burns at around 7000 degrees and brass melts at a much lower temperature. The gas cools the metal torch so it does not melt.)
I was thinking of sandblasting the burners clean and then painting them. Even if I had to do that every few months if it would extend the life of the burners.


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ljnelson (Lee)...on June 19, 2002 you posted a message stating that you were having problems getting your grill up to temperature. After you did not get any better results with the Natural Gas, you stated that you switched back to LP gas and did not see much improvement.

First, in order to use natural gas you will need to increase the jet size for each burner (drill them out). If you did drill them out you should never switch back to LP without replacing the jets with new ones of the original specification. (the detailed instructions and proper jet sizes have been posted by Dannos in the forum)

Second, you stated that the temperature did not get above 300 degrees. The gauge on most M&M grills has 2 scales. The top scale is in Celsius and the bottom is in Fahrenheit. 300 degrees Celsius = 572 degrees Fahrenheit. I made this mistake when I first got my grill.

Good luck


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FYI: The Member's Mark FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
has had a handful of additions/corrections so I thought
I'd let people know in case they had a question that it
now answers. You can find it at:

Additions/corrections gladly accepted ... although it will "cost" you your favorite BBQ grill recipe! ;-)


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hello all, i'm glad to hear that most everyone is happy with their mm grill... were working with bakers to fix the burner problem, but nothing is nailed down yet... They are starting to make a natural gas model of grill. they started with the big one, $1499, and hopefully they will be introducing a natural $599 before christmas... keep your fingers crossed... if there are any questions or concerns please let your local club know and they will do all they can to help you out>>

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FYI FWIW: I've finally posted the "flame" pictures of the
before/after from converting my Member's Mark BBQ from
LP to NG ... so I think my FAQ on how to do this is
fairly complete - you can find it at:

The hardest part was getting a gas line out there;
after that, it was pretty easy and kinda fun to do.

Happy Grilling,

P.S. cross-posted here for reference sakes.

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Hello Everyone,

Due in large part to the great comments on this site we went ahead and replaced our aging Coleman Sierra with a Members Mark Grill! We cooked on it the first time this evening and it did very well.

Now I have to decide whether/how to clean the cooking grates. There seems to be many schools of thoughts on that one.

Thanks for everything,
Midlothian, VA

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After months of lurking and reading about the Member's Mark Grill, I finally bought one tonight. In reading the instructions they caution that one should clean the exterior before firing up the first time. They mention a foaming cleaner. What cleaner do you recommend for this initial cleaning?

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> What cleaner do you recommend for this initial cleaning?

I used Simple Green.

Anything that will thoroughly clean off any remaining manufacturing oils will do fine. Probably even dish washing liquid soap, but if you have something a bit more "industrial" that won't hurt aluminum or stainless steel, have at it.

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I just purchased a Member's Mark gas grill, preassembled, and it is missing the owner's manual. Do we need to do anything to the grill before using it for the first time? Also, please give me the 800 number so I can call Grand Hall to get a manual. We are anxious to start grilling!!!
Thanks for your assistance!

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You can contact Grand Hall, who is the manufacturer, at 800-770-9769, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm CST. I have contacted them to order a couple of accessories for my grill and they were very helpful.

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Thanks for the number. I called the 800 number and got through the first time. The lady was very helpful and my owners manual and missing parts will be on their way tomorrow! She even sent me an email version of the owners manual so I can start cooking right away! That's what I call great service!

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Long time, no post. We got our MM grill (the $599 model) in May and have loved it. But we haven't even tried the rotisserie, mainly because I don't know where to start. Can someone give easy instructions/recipes for a rotisserie novice?

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Does anybody have any suggestions for a better quality cover. I have the 3 burner Y0005 grill and the cover never survives the winter (Pittsburgh, PA) without cracking and tearing.

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FYI: I got some information directly from Grand Hall
about some follow-on/upgraded grills they are coming
out with - check it out at:


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I got a new member's mark grill for a wedding gift about a month two month's ago. I am now complete. What more could a man ask for?

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A Virco?


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I replaced my crappy MM cover with one from Home Depto. It comes in a box and is about $20.00. I believe i got the 68" one. This covers the grill except for the very bottom of the cart. I had this same cover on my old grill for 3 seasons without any problem.

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> I replaced my crappy MM cover with one from Home Depot. It
> comes in a box and is about $20.00. I believe i got the 68" one.

I found your message right before going to Home Depot, so I rememembered to check the BBQ department. The 68" cover in the box was a few pennies less than $20, just as you rememebered.

Looking forward to trying it out; the original grill cover made it more than a year, but it's all slashed to ribbons.

Do you think a good coating of Armor-All would help protect the new cover?


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Just put the new 68" cover purchased at Home Depot on the grill (the $599 stainless steel one from 1.3 years ago) and if the cover isn't the same size as the original, it's only a millimeter or two smaller.

Nice cover; it has a quality feel and weight to it.


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Glad you like the cover for 20 bucks its hard to beat. I use the MM supplies cover to cover my deck chairs. Works great for that. I wouldnt mess with the Armor-All as I said i had my other grill for 3 years with this type cover, which replaced a cover thats was shredded in a hail storm. My old cover made it through 5 or 6 big hail stormeds without a problem. I would still have the old cover but i sold it with my Sunbeam grill when I bought the MM. I have had the MM since april and use it 5 or 6 times a week and it is one great grill. By the way does anyone know of something good to do with a boneless chuck roast. I would like to put it on the rot but want to see if anyone has tried it before.

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I bought the $599 MM grill this past spring and have gone through 4 tanks since that time. I thought I had a leak but have checked it out and found none. Secondly it takes forever to heat up and even then does not get real hot. My temp gauge says a little over 400 but it starts at about 150 (the needle doesn't return to 0). Whats the use of a great looking grill if it doesn't get hot enough? And of course my last question does anyone have the info on how to hack into this and convert it into NG, even if it voids the warranty? (what size drills to use, tips, etc.) All responses are appreciated.

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There has been a lot of discussion in these forums over the past 1-2 years about this grill. It is a great grill and a great value. I've had mine for about 1.5 years and love it. There is also a lot of discussion about heat output. It is not problem with your grill. Rather it is a problem with the new OPD style tanks. Try opening the tank valve very slowly. Also purge the tank of air every fill-up. One other item that was mentioned is to turn one of the grill burners on before opening the tank valve and then shut it off. Then light the grill. Also, IÂve noticed that there is a lot more heat when the tank is mostly full. IÂve gotten my grill to 550 on the gauge and over 600 at the grates.

Also for conversion to NGÂ.also lots of discussion about that topic here for this grill. A frequently contributing member of these forums, Alek, has created a great website with directions on how he did his conversion. That link is below.

Good Luck. IÂd like to know how it turns out. Now that I have finished my new patio IÂd like to do this also.

Here is a link that might be useful: Alek's website

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When I bought my Member's Mark BBQ Grill, it included just
about everything I wanted ... but noticeably absent was an
upper cooking/warming rack. You can order one from Grand
Hall, but it is a bit small: 31" wide and only 5.25" deep.
I wanted something bigger ... plus I enjoy a "McGyver" challenge! ;-)

After casually looking for months, I finally came across
something that works pretty well. Rather than go into
detail here about it, read my notes & see my pictures at:


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I enjoyed looking at all the info on your web site. Recently I saw a NG Y0660 that had been returned to Sam's Club because the buyer really needed the LPG version. It was a bit dented-up in the front, and missing the rotisserie parts. Sam's wanted $700 for it. I started the task of trying to figure out just what it would take to convert it to propane and to repair the cosmetic damage.

When I realized that the valves would have to be replaced, as well as the orifices, both doors and one drawer, as well as all the missing rotisserie parts, I almost bagged the idea, but decided to call Grand Hall and check on parts prices anyway.

Am I ever glad that I did! The prices were so reasonable that the total cost to convert to LPG and restore the grill to new condition was only $270.00 including shipping.

When my offer of $500.00 was accepted by the manager at Sam's I picked up the grill and ordered the parts.

I've installed them all, with the exception of one valve that was not correct, a missing bracket to mount the rotisserie motor, and slides for the tank drawer ... basically just "noise-level" problems. Haven't had a chance to use the grill yet, as the weather hasn't been too cooperative, but I'm looking forward to it. My total cost for an "almost new" Y0660 grill is now $770.00.

! ! ! ! ! ! S C O R E ! ! ! ! ! !

There are a few things that I've learned from this exercise that I'd like to pass along:

1) Grand Hall's customer service folks are great! Their policies are pretty good too ... with the incorrect part it was "Oh, we'll get a replacement out today", not "Send it back and we'll see ...".

2) If you know what you need, and how to ask for it, you *CAN* buy the parts to convert these grills from NG to LPG and from LPG to NG.

3) The parts costs are ludicrously low ... the main valves, which include the orifice are only $5.00 each, and the side burner and rotisserie valves are $8.00 each, as they include a little more hardware. It probably makes more sense to just buy the darned things than to do the drilling for the LPG to NG conversion, and it's WAYYY better to buy for the NG to LPG conversion than to try filling and redrilling with smaller holes.

4) Rather than actually replacing the valves, which can be difficult to get off the manifold of the Y0660, it's better to just swap the valve cores and the orifices.

I don't know for sure if the valves are common between the Y0660 and the smaller Y0101XC, but the conversion pictures on your site look identical. For example, the main burner gas valve part number is P03222007A for LPG. Also, the valve bodies have the number "0404A" cast into the side. This is the same for the NG and the LPG valves. How does this compare to the part number & valves for the Y0101XC?

I have a full set of parts for anyone wanting to convert from LPG to NG. I'd also be interested in that guage that you've got left over from your conversion,...

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I just looked at Sam's Club website, and it appears that they don't have the Member's Mark Gas Grill. Does anyone know if they still have it available in their stores or why it is no longer available if that's the case?

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Good news.... I called Sam's Club and they DO have the Member's Mark Gas Grill in the store. Off we go to Sam's tommorow....

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I need to replace one gas valve on the manifold assembly - the back burner valve - Grand Hall is telling me I need to replace the entire manifold (all 5 valves)
Does anyone know where I can get just 1 valve for the back burner for this model MONARCH04BNG?

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