New nail polish application method

JamieJanuary 13, 2008

Well, new to me, but I don't get out much.

OPI has a nail polish with an integrated brush called "nic's stick". The polish consistentcy is different, and it's very glittery. I made way less mess with this applicator than I would with a traditional bottle-and-brush, and I was able to control it much more easily than traditional nail polish. It doesn't seem to matter if you don't brush it from cutitcle to tip - you can just dab it on and it levels itself with no brushstrokes. it dries very, very quickly. It seems to camoflage ridges somewhat, too.

You might find it too glittery for fingers, but it's just great on my toes. It didn't smudge, smear, or pool when I put it on, and I can touch up chips in a second - this polish doesn't seem to dent like the stuff I'm used to.

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I just got 2 new bottles of glittery OPI, one is gold and one is silver; no mention of this nic brush. It seems very resistant; I lasted a full week with the gold one before it showed any sign of wear.
Both were applied by manicurist with proper base coat.

I love both colors; the gold one especially, it has champagne in the name.

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Here's a link. My store did not have the full color selection; I got "Date Night". This stuff is really great for those who, like me, have had trouble "staying inside the lines" since the early coloring-book days.

Here is a link that might be useful: Nic's sticks by OPI

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awwwwww, now I WANT some; the concept is interesting, I MUST try it......

me who owns approx 6 bottles of nail polish I adore; and I go for weekly manicures. I use my own polish so I can do touchups between appointments.

nails are my new obsession; could be worse , I guess.

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:) not all that new - but maybe they've finally gotten the 'polish pen' technology to the point where it's a viable thing...

get back to us in a week or three, and tell us if the pen still works!

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I like the one titled "Where's My Chocolate?" LOL

This is off the concept of paint chip repair sticks for vehicles. I have one just like it for my gray Camry. Hmmm, maybe I should use it as nail polish. HA HA

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