microwave losing power

crabapplemcnJanuary 25, 2014

Not sure it this is the right place, and if you can steer me to a better place, please do. But i have a GE pvm1870 microwave that is dead. if i take the fuse out and back in it resets, but then next time i use it, it dies again. No power at all. Any ideas?

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Google GE pvm1870 microwave .

It is a discontinued model.

There are lots of "User Reviews" on the internet.
There were 8 user reviews on Amazon, all 8 were a
rating of 1, (the lowest score)~~~~~that's about the poorest score I can recall seeing on any appliance.

"Long story short"~~~~~~get rid of it and buy a new one, sorry!!!!


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Fwiw, I have a different make/model that's a bad series. Because it was warranteed, each time one has broken the company that wrote the warranty has evaluated the item for repair. They started off trying to repair, but now go straight to replacement. The new models aren't that cheap, but the repairs are expensive & often don't fix the problem. Usually the issue is a burnt magnetron which is an expensive part, & more for labor; plus it might've burnt from a faulty circuit board for control which would mean the new magnetron would just get fried. So based on my experience, I agree w/ Dodge59.

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