Facials what should I know?

patlyJanuary 26, 2005

I have been wanting to get a facial but never having had one, I am wondering what constitutes a good facial.

Someone told me that buffing is good, and steaming is not.

Is that true?

How long should it take and what should I expect afterwards in terms of

how the skin would look.

Can you share your own experinces with me? the good and the bad.

Any info appreciated..

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I am going for a facial in a few hours; I find that even with daily cleansing and toning and moisturizing, I need deep cleaning, exfoliating and extracting done by an aesthetician to keep my skin more healthy looking; they have this algomask that I really like. I usually have a facial a few times a year; I find extractions painful so I'd rather go more often and have them do a little at a time.

Aestheticians will usually try to sell you their products or special creams for special problems; I don't like buying extra products aside from basic cleansing . I like the cleanser and toner that my aesthetician sells and it's average priced so I get them from her.

I'd rather go for a full facial more often rather than buy all kinds of masks, etc... that I don't end up using.

I don't like aestheticians who talk too much during the process; it should be relaxing and calm.

I once had a facial in a spa and when I went to the counter to pay afterwards, she had 6 products lined up next to my bill that she thought I needed and should buy; I had mentioned I needed a day cream, so I got that only. She had included a special serum because I have broken vessels, no thanks I don't think any serum is going to cure that !!

Once you find a salon and person that you like, having a good facial at every season change should be enough.

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buffing and steaming are both good for you- in moderation, and in gentle hands. then again, both are things you can do at home, as well. ditto mud packs and facials....

the first thing they should do is go over your skin regimen, requirements, and goals... is your skin dry or oily, flakey patches or irritations? outbreaks? wrinkles? sensitive skin? your tech needs to know all of this- especially if it's your first time (it's good if she' taking notes. it's better if she's taking notes on a proper client sheet. but I know several good ones who don't need to- and will remember you without them)

cleansing comes first- can be any thing from a quick wipe with a toner to a creamy emulsion that she will let sit for several minutes. this ought to be followed by a quick toner. she'll then discuss what she's going to do next- and this can vary wildly. in my case, it's steam my nose and chin, extract the ick that's built up there, then eyepads, a facial massage as she applies a creamy masque that sits for 7 minutes, removal, she always tweezes me - I've got a patch under my chin that's hard for me to see, some girls do eyebrows at this point.

now- I'm cheating, my best friend's a certified aesthetician, and I've had everything from a papaya back treatment (with real mashed papaya) to aromatherapy oil facials to apple cider, seaweed and clay masks over the years...

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Thanks for the tips.
I am going to make an appointment .

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I've found that what should be a relaxing time turns into a sales pitch. Not pleasant at all. At best, have a list of products used handy at checkout just in case, but no pressure.

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i love having facials here in the Philippines. i always go to the Belo Medical Group to have it done. My favorite is the full facial which i do once a month. it's like a european facial with thorough cleaning plus face and shoulder massage and a mask to tighen the skin. lovely! and it's super affordable. Php 2800 or roughly 61 USD only. You can check them out at www.belomed.com.

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I feel really lucky. I hate places that try and sell you on their products and am very surprised that the place I go to now doesn't do that. It's an Aveda salon and I'd think they'd push their products like crazy. Or maybe it's just this particular aesthetician - she's wonderful! After my first facial with her I jokingly asked her to marry me, it was that wonderful! I've had facials in all kinds of places over the years - some are very business-like and get you in, get you out. Some are merely a tool to talk about all the things you are doing wrong and what you should buy - hate that. I think a good facial rejuvinates the skin and the spirit - if it's not doing that, find a new place.

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I'm in the same boat as the OP but some of the comments here are not specific enough for me. What does "a european facial with thorough cleaning plus face"
mean? I can cleanse my face. Even thoroughly I guess.
What is extraction?
I'm 50 but have large pores.

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extractions would be removal of black or white heads; for me a thorough cleansing involves an exfoliation of some kind so that the dead skin layer is removed properly. You can do all those things yourself but a professional facial is very relaxing also, specially if there is a massage of neck and back involved.

The place I go to has a very comfortable table with a heated pad, and you are cocooned in a fleece blanket; I like to schedule a facial at the end of the day, and go straight home after.

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