Laser Hair Removal

michie1January 14, 2004

I am considering having it done on my bikini area. After researching it it seems that about 6x are needed & it's guaranteed as long as you get the # recommended. Anyway I wanted to know what people actually experience. How does it feel. Do you have to have visible hair when you go? Was there a noticed improvement in hair loss immediately? Any skin irritation? Any pros or cons or warnings?

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I had it done on my bikini area last year. Around 6 treatments, one every 5-6 weeks. A bit grew back, but a HUGE improvement over what was there before. No more ingrown hairs - yay! There are a few different kinds of lasers. It's been a while, so I don't remember exactly what kind I had.

You need to have some stubble when you go. The second the laser hits it, the hair turns white and after a few days falls out. You can shave at that point, but the hairs were invisible so I never bothered. It hurts. It feels like a splash of hot oil or a pin prick. Over and over again. There's also a disturbing zapping noise, like a bug zapper. You can get some over the counter topical creams that numb your skin. I got it done at my OB/GYN and they prescribed a cream that really helped.

Despite the pain, I'm thrilled I had it done.


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Thanks AM

Did your place not guarantee the process to be permanent? The place I cked into said that as long as I bought those certain # of pkgs they'd guarantee it whch means I'd go back for free for any further treatments.

Also do you have any idea how to ck the credentials of people who perform these techniques?

"It feels like a splash of hot oil or a pin prick. Over and over again. There's also a disturbing zapping noise, like a bug zapper."

Oh boy I didn't expect to hear there would be pain involved. Is it worse than waxing, which I have found to be excrutiating in the bikini area, although much more tolerable in other areas like my eyebrows.

I really appreciate your input.


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No, they didn't guarantee it at all. In fact, they were quite adamant that although this will permanently remove any hair that is currently there, new hair grows all the time and nothing can deal with something that isn't there yet. The package plan with free follow up sounds like a great deal to me.

Other than the Better Business Bureau, I'm not really sure how you'd check. Perhaps they have a list of clients that are willing to be references? Can't hurt to ask.

As for the pain, it hurts less than waxing, I guess. Mostly because it's just zapping a few at a time, as opposed to ripping out your entire bikini area. It does stop hurting as much after the first few seconds. I think you get used to it. I'd go for the topical creme though, why deal with any pain?

Glad to be of help.


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I went today for a consult & they said that after 6 treatments they guarantee the hair removal for 2 yrs from the last laser treatment. Supposedly the hair in that area grows in 3 wk cycles so after the 3 treatments most of it should have been treated & it's as though you're going through them again to make sure you've gotten them all. As a matter of fact they do not recommend having any stubble. Regardless of what part of the body you have done they tell you to shave it off the day before your treatment. They tell you not to tweeze or use a depilatory though. Having any hair will make the procedure more painful b/c the laser ends up having to zap that hair, making it smell awful & also causes more pain at the skin surface vs. if you allow the laser to concentrate on just the follicle. My place requires you purchase the topical cream.

I start my treatments next wk!


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So Michie, what's the results seven months later?

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I'm going for treatment #5 today & so far not much has happened. I have a few spotty hair free areas, that's it. When I called up last wk for the emla cream prescription I told them that it's not taking, so what can be done & I was told that their Dr. will have to decide if the laser strength can be raised some more & we'll have to decide what to do next. They supposedly guarantee it for 2 years after you're hair free but so far after 5 treatments (normal is 6 I'm not happy).


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