I have antique & vintage furniture. What's it worth?

justinb6003June 10, 2011
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Looks like something someone made out of some old recycled wood....it's not antique.,...but the wood may be.
Worth? Maybe $25....Maybe $100 in a college town for student use. Looks like it's sturdy and covered in plastic and would make a good crash pad.

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The chair is definitely old, and the style is lovely. That would be the only piece to turn my head cleaned up and restored if needed.

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Going through the whole batch, you've got a lot of pieces that would be worth a bit if cleaned up and refinished. I think Linda you may only have gotten as far as pictures of the first couch. There are several other pieces worth up to a hundred dollars (I don't think anything is worth more, and only one or two would fetch the hundred, most would be in the 25-75 range). That's if they were in good condition though.

The condition they're in, they're almost all projects except I think one side table, so if I were interested I would have to be getting them almost for free. I recently went and looked at a dresser almost exactly like the old highboy you've got with the surface carving, in similar condition, and the seller was asking $40. At that it wasn't even worth the trouble to wrestle it into my car and find a space for it. I would have offered 20 if I really wanted it.

So it all depends on whether you put in the time to refinish them, or whether the buyers do. Whoever puts in the time gets to keep the money :-)


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I'd love that little round antique table...the arts and crafts one.

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And you sell on ebay, too. Is this just a tricky little marketing maneuver?

Here is a link that might be useful: Bargains by Bodner

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The sofa looks exactly like a loveseat I have made by Cargo. They were around in the 80s. There is another brand that makes the same exact thing called ThisEndUp.

It's not worth much but you could get around 50 to the right person. I am a fan because you would have to throw in off the third story to break it.

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Oh, good call, ideefixe; and I fell in like an amateur!


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why is it a marketing maneuver? Why not just a coincidence? The items sold on ebay aren't related... just curious...

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