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fperkinsJune 2, 2002

So I ordered and received a Weber Genesis Gold C grill from Amazon. 600 bucks with free shipping, no tax and a 100 dollar gift certificate to their outdoor store. A pretty good deal that I was really happy about.. untilÂ.

Before buying the Weber, I really wanted to go up to the next model, but the next model up was out of my price range. Anyway, I received my Weber and itÂs been sitting at the end of my driveway as I wait for my deck to be finished. [that's another story in itself]

Then it happened; on one of many visits to the local Costco, I turn the corner and there it is. My jaw just drops. The Virco! 799 for this grill, which would make all my friends envious, and here I have a Weber sitting on my driveway.

I never buy anything without checking reviews, so after some uneventful searches for "Virto" [oops], I happen to find the threads at gardenweb. Laughing to myself about CGE's and possible problems with the unit, I was sold. At this price, as long as the thing doesnÂt burst into flames, I was going to buy it.

Now, what to do with the brand new, unopened Weber grill sitting on my driveway. After discussing with the wife, she said go for it and just sell the one you have for a 50 buck loss on eBay. Since everyone buys everything on eBay, that's exactly what I'm going to do.

I borrowed a neighbor's pickup, jetted over to Costco and made a bee line for the Virco's. There were only two left and one of them had the box open. The one that was enclosed had some kind of patio cover kit on top. I promptly tossed it aside, leaned the box over and dumped it on my cart. [This is similar to how I got the Teak set at Costco hehe] Navigating around a maze of people with a huge grill was sort of a problem until I realized you can gently shove people to the side ;-)

Anyway, I now own two great grills, but only one is going to stay on the [soon to be completed] deck. On the way home, I came up with an awesome plan to get everyone to chip in and give the Weber as a gift for my father-in-law. Since his current grill has a handle made out of broomstick, I think he'll be happy with the Weber.

Comparatively, assuming that the Virco grills and lasts as long as the infamous Weber, it's a great deal.

- My Weber + grill Cover: ~680.00

- Virco with included grill cover: 800.00

For 120 bucks more, how could you go wrong? I can't wait as I nonchalantly remove the cover from the grill and watch as my friend's jaw drops. And to think he bragged about his 350 buck Home-Depot special Weber grill.

Happy Grilling everyone!

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Dear FPerkins-
Unbelievable to read your message. I have almost identical problem. My husband desperately wanted a Weber (silver Genesis)and I wanted the Virco. He claimed that if we bought the Weber he would learn to grill with it, and become a "Grill God". Since I do about 98% of the food prep for our large family (four kids) I was incredulous, but to the Depot we went, and bought his dream grill. That was last month, during which time he has grilled twice, and I have grilled about eleven times. He hasn't touched his grill since mid May, and last week in a fit of frustration I purchased a Virco since the local Costco happened to get three of them in, and experience had shown me they would not be around for long. We now are the proud owners of "his and hers" grills. Ridiculous, and takes up lots of space on our back porch, but alas, compromise is the foundation of a truly good marriage. I agree that once you hotrod the Weber with a cover, stainless grates, rotisserie etc. its obvious what a value the Virco is. Another compelling argument is that the Virco cabinet which houses the propane tank is a much more childproof (and attractive) feature. Still, it is comforting to know I am not the only conflicted multiple grill owner out there in cyberspace!

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wow! His and Her grills. I can't even imagine! Congrats on your Virco.

I still have my Virco in the box as I wait for the deck to be built. *sigh* You're right though, the cabinet to hide the gas tank is just awesome.

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