New turkey fryer but I think I need a new hose

oklahomagregJune 10, 2008

I bought an outdoor turkey fryer yesterday. However, the regulator/hose assembly is attached to a timer/safety device that makes running it next to impossible. It won't stay lit and once you think it will, it goes out.

I have seen many burner assemblies similar to this one where the regulator/hose assembly attaches directly to the burner. That's what i would like. However, the end of the hose that goes into the timer/safety device is just a little too small to screw directly into the burner. Is there a fitting that I can buy to get them to work together? Or, will I need a new hose?

It looks like the longer portion of the hose can be disconnected from the regulator and likely replaced with a hose that has the correct size male fitting on it. Is this right? Obviously I'm looking for the most reasonable but safe fix. Thanks, Greg

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