Can someone ID this please?

jb326June 21, 2010

Hello Everyone,

As you can see I'm new here. I'm currently helping my mother sell this bedroom set. I was only able to take pictures of the dresser and one of the side tables. I will post more as soon as I can. We've checked more of the draws for a brand name but haven't succeeded. It is apparently hand made, but we can't even tell the ear of its origin.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!


Here is a link that might be useful:

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What makes you think it's hand made?
To me, from what you show it looks like we used to call Italian Provincial or Mediterranean from say 1980....machine made.
Linda C

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I remember having an almost identical set, darker color, in the 1980's. The "carving" was actually a molded styrene which was applied to the drawer fronts. One sure way to see handmade versus machine-made is checking the backside of a mirror (if there's one with the set).

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Excuse my ignorance lindac, but I thought the carving looked handmade, seems justlinda has sorted that out. Thank you both very much for all the information, I feel now that I have a basis to do more research.

Thanks again!


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Would someone be able to give me an estimate of how much everything would be worth all together. It's a King Sized headboard, dresser with mirror, armoir, and two night tables.

Thanks again!!


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Justin -
Not much ... it's an old set, but not old enough to be desireable, and it's pure mass-market design.

Check Craigslist for similar pieces.

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Another one who had the same 'set'~door chest, night stands, dresser/mirror, and headboard. It was back in the early seventies~is Mom in her middlle 60's? If so, it was definitely the 'Mediterranean era'. The 'carving' is not hand-carved wood, but as juditava has said, a polystyrene.

Can't say what you should ask for it Justin, but I have seen similar furniture painted white or black then distressed, and it doesn't look too bad. It might sell easier than you think! ;o)

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Fori is not pleased

Isn't it possible that upscale models had real wood and not the fake? I don't know...just usually the less expensive stuff was copying SOMEthing ya know?

It's definitely not terribly old (king size beds are more recent ah gee I'm dating myself) but that doesn't mean it's not worth anything. It probably isn't worth much though--that style won't be back in fashion for another decade I bet! But the king bed will certainly make it more appealing for modern users.

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