Aargh - which 30' gas range + OTR micro

flynnnjJanuary 12, 2012

I need to replace a 1988 gas range + OTR micro for my new kitchen. It's a small condo cooking workspace with an 8x12 attached eating area. The sink is in the peninsula which separates the work and eating area. I love the sink location since I can watch TV while I do the dishes and all my prep work.

If possible I'd like the range to have a storage or warming drawer to hold pots and pans since space is at a premium. I do love the look of the semi-professional ranges but I have 2 questions: do they have a storage drawer and can you put an OTR micro above them?

If it's better for me to use a traditional gas range which has the best track record for repairs? It can be slide-in or freestanding but I want a clean uncluttered look near the backsplash. Once I choose my appliances I can finalize my kitchen layout and finally start!!!!

I have looked in Consumer Reports but from what I've read over the past months the GW community has the real pulse on what's good and what's a potential headache.

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Someone else suggested the Frigidaire Pro gas range for a budget range:


4.5 stars with 16 reviews.....

The line has matching micro but the matching fridge may push u over your 3-4K budget.

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I will just suggest what we bought which we like a lot.

An NXR 30" gas range with a LG OTR microwave.
The Combo cost us $2,194.00 shipped to the door.
$1799.00 stove and $395 OTR micro.
It does NOT have a warming/storage drawer however.

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Nice range for the price but that leaves $800 for a fridge and dishwasher - the OP wanted to stay at around $3K. How are those ranges rated? Has CR rated them? In the original post, they were looking at CR rated products.

They also mentioned wanting a pro-style hood. I think all of that might be hard on a $3-4K budget. I could be wrong.

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WTH is NXR? Chinese made?

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Yep...I wouldn't take a chance but my budget is different.

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Nunya has been very happy with the NXR- same burners as the Wolf semi sealed. Also I think the OP had looked at CR but was asking GW posters who actually have and use the products for their opinion as well. If his/her budget is 3-4K as she/he stated in their other post, it might work.

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To each his own, we have had this NXR for almost a year now with zero problems of any kind, same made in Germany burners as a Wolf stove, excellent hinges made in Italy, most internals made in the USA, so great parts all around.
Outside is 100% 304 Stainless on ours, grates are very heavy cast iron, oven racks are heavy duty thick stainless not chrome coated.
Has a very nice infrared broiler and convection oven.

For $1800 nothing else even comes close.
I could not care less that it was "assembled in china" the stove and ALL of its parts are top quality.

I never saw anything about Fridge or DW or 3K budget just thought it was a range and microwave.

I don't particularly care what CR has to say about appliances anymore, they have never rated the NXR and probably not rated most of the better stoves either.
They basically rate Kenmore and about 5 other brands you can find at big box stores nation wide and that's about it.

I used to be a big fan of CR but they seem to be rather bias to me in the past decade or so.
You can just about go down the line on what CR rates as their highest rated stoves or ANY appliance and then look at the customer ratings on the CR website, almost without fail the customer ratings are no where close to what CR rating is.

ALL I know is I researched for about a year prior to buying the NXR and that is what I choose based on actual buyer ratings and especially the lack of anyone "that owns one" having anything at all bad to say about them.

So far I am perfectly happy it and if I had it to do over I would buy the exact same stove without hesitation.

When we sell this house in a few years I plan to buy another one for our new house.

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Thank you everyone for all the wonderful info - Just to clarify - my budget is for the range, hood and/or micro and dishwasher. The ss refrigerator is the one appliance that had been replaced by the previous owner and is in good condition. It's a standard 36" side-side so when it does need to be replaced there should be ample room for almost anything else. My current micro is small but adequate if I decide to put it 'behind closed doors' and focus on a hood.

I definitely have an outside vent. The current vent is so lame that I hardly use it. Even an OTR micro vent would probably be an improvement.

I'm not familiar with the NXR other than the very strong pro/con responses I've read on GW. I love the look of the LG over the NXR with the stainless backsplash. I think I'd really miss having a bottom storage drawer though.

It's finally cold here in NJ so I'll have lots of time this weekend to look at all the AJ Madison links you sent me.

Again, THANKS to everyone! I know where to go when I have more questions :)

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The stainless backsplash BTW you can get at any metal fabricator for about $70, just pin it behind the microwave on top and then take two very large washers and screw them to the wall a few inches past the top of the stove for the stainless to sit on and you are good to go.

Pretty much the only "cons" you see on the NXR are people that do not own one so take that for what it is.

The only real cons I have seen against it at all are one or two people (2 reviews but looks like same person) that have had a problem with the blue enamel on the inside of the stove chipped off.
Ours has not had this problem nor have I read about anyone else having this happen so it was probably a fluke of maybe a few stoves in a bad batch of enamel.

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Wow - 2 very large washers screwed into the wall - what a great idea! I am definitely using your idea for my new kitchen!!

I think I've seen the LG micro at HD. I'm going to make some calls tomorrow to find out who has an NXR on the floor so I can go see it. I'm located in NJ near Red Bank/Asbury Park.

Did you also look at the Bertazzoni? What made you finally decide on the NXR? I love the idea of the blue inside... The one drawback to the NXR may be the lack of a storage drawer.

And yes, I agree that CR just 'ain't what it used to be' or maybe, with the internet, we just don't need it the same way as we used to?

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In this case, I will agree with Nunya. Unless you go with
a Sears Outlook or similar store (which I may do for my rental), it will be hard , if not impossible to beat the price/performance of the NXR.

I have been following post here in GW for years, and I have found few negative comments from actual users of the stove, and in fact most quite positive.

In the early days, there were a few about service or the lack thereof, but not seen these for serveral years now.

We all have different budgets, preferences, what have ya, and of course all are welcome here on GW, and if I needed a gas range, where budget/performance was at the top of my list, I would want to learn as much about the NXR as possible!

Good luck on your Hunt!


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I looked at the Bertazonni but the oven was WAY too small for my liking, was like an Easy Bake oven.
Other than that it looked like a decent range though.

I think AJ Madison is probably not terribly far from you and they should have the NXR probably.

What made me "finally" decide for sure on the NXR was when my wife & I drove down to Florida to visit friends we took a detour to Tampa where we saw the NXR in person.

Looked great to us, hell of a lot better than ANYTHING we had been looking at in our price range.
We had started looking for something around $900 or so and quickly decided that wasn't an option.
So upped the limit to $1600, all we could find then was a Kenmore stove that seemed reasonable BUT, had sad little burners of which only ONE was actually decent power the rest were virtually useless, light little grates, light duty oven racks, no infrared broiler. Blah
I thought there has to be something better than this, all the known nice stoves like the Blue Stars and Wolfs etc were plain out of the question because for the most part they were $1000+ over our stove budget that we had already raised twice as it was.
I actually found a lot of my info on the NXR on GW, at the time several people had bought one and they all seemed to love them and I saw zero complaints.

When we saw it at the place in Florida and the guy there was very helpful seemed pretty knowledgeable said he had sold quite a few of the NXR's and never had a complaint. He then pulled the oven door down and stood on it with all his weight (about 190#) one foot on each side of window to show how solid the door and hinges were. Then he said he could sell us one for $1799 delivered to the door I just shook his hand and said sold. Extra $200 for one hell of a lot better stove was worth it.

IF you decide you can live without a storage drawer then I can guarantee you that you will not find a better stove for $2000 or less, at least not a brand new anyway.

The washers hold the stainless rock solid to the wall so you never have to drill a hole in the stainless or glue it with adhesive or anything like that.
Once we get our Granite counter top and tile back splash in it should look fairly decent.

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In doing some more research on the NXR and I found that Euro Stoves (Trevor) carries the NXR or at least according to their web-site.

I would do a "Shout Out" to Trevor about the NXR! Like Antss, Trevor "Tells it like it is" but in a bit more
"Mellow form" (LOL) than Antss.

There are tons of reviews for the NXR, AJMadidon, U name it!

First thing I would want to know, is how hard is it to reach a human at NXR (Duro Corp), and also the company that services the NXR----are they helpful?

Nunya, I'm sure you know about NXR now using a different steel now to make the ranges, and as I recall you acknowledged that in a different post???
So I think any post we make should be as "Up to date" as our knowledge permits~~~~Maybe the new Steel is not a problem, but I myself don't want the OP to think it's 304 Stainless---unless She finds an older model.


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Gary, you are correct and I did just that in my last post prior to reading this one so we are on the same page.

I honestly do not know for sure though if ALL of the newer models are in fact 430 stainless, I know that ALL websites (Eurostoves included) that I see that sells the NXR all still state they are 304 stainless. However I have seen the Duro website that now states 430 stainless plus a couple of owners that have stated at least their particular stove is in fact magnetic (430).

So clearly at least some, maybe all of the newer models are in fact 430.
and as you say and I believe also I doubt there will really be any noticeable difference in actual usage between the 304 Vs the 430 but it is a distinction to be mentioned.

To me at least the main "possible" concern is more that the ONLY complaints that I have ever seen which is still just 2 on the NXR were both the newer model.
I also "think" that the oven racks might be better in the older model from what little I can tell from pictures I have seen.
So to me, if someone preferred the newer model looks wise then I would try to find a place where you could buy the one you are looking at and touching, bring a magnet if the 430 concerns you and look at the enamel very closely.
Then take a felt pen and mark on the shipping box your name so you know the one you get delivered is the one you looked at in the store unless you load it up and take it with you.

I just did a very quick search just to check and all I could find in about 5 minutes was the newer DRGB3001 and lowest price was $1999.
There was a couple of the 36" in the older NRG model but no 30".

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As someone suggested, I called Trevor at Eurostar early this afternoon but reached a message machine. Maybe they aren't open on Saturday?

I contacted an appliance store that I've gone to before. I knew they had Bertazzoni, Blue Star and CC on the floor and I hoped they had the NXR.

They said I can see the NXR at one of their other locations but don't recommend it because it's hard to find local people who can take care of repairs and parts are very slow to come from China. Funny how everyone loves anything APPLE and that's put together in China!

He suggested that I consider the Electrolux. Other than both ranges have a blue inside how do they compare? He likes the Bertazzoni, too, but it's too small for me.

He said they also have problems with LG refrigerators for repairs and that the GE Cafe' line has had lots of problems.

Does his information sound legitimate or more like a dealer who is self-promoting? It's so hard to know.

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Adco service does the warrranty work for NXR along with a lot of other ranges, here is the URL to their web-site:


The next URL will take you directly to the NXR service part of Adco Service.


They are located in Scottsdale AZ.

I wouldn't make any decision until you talk to Trevor, He tells it like it is. As I mentioned you can do a "Shoutout" for him here in Garden Web as He frequents this site often.

I would also call Adco Service and "Feel them out" ask about what parts they keep in stock, alto if you have the same type of fortune as Nunya, this could be a mute point.

So far we have not seem much posted here about Electrolux Gas Appliances. Those that have their electric ovens really like them (Including Me), but I suspects you are in a higher price category!!!I'm just guessing that thou.

Anyway Hang in there, and good luck with whatever you choose!


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I would call ADCO and see what they say since they are the service and repair company.
Would be the same service you get if you bought a Wolf range or a Liebherr Fridge.

and like you say, both our Iphones and our Ipad were not just assembled but flat out made in China and never had a problem with them and millions love them.

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