Layout Advice Needed in New Year!!

onelady1dog2girlsJanuary 1, 2012

Happy New Year everyone -

We are finally staring down our masterbath remodel. As you can see in the photo I've included, our existing master bathroom has a relatively small closet. After much hand wringing, I think we've decided to forgo a tub in our master and include a nice tub in our guest bath. As a result, we have good space for a master shower and have increased our closet space by two feet. Can all of you please take a look and provide any feedback - pros and cons - for this particular layout?

It looks like we would have about 38 inch walkway. Not sure if this is adequate? We don't have much leeway, as it is a galley configuration. The other item of note I am questioning, is the entrance with a "hard rectangle" frameless glass shower, should this be angled in some way? I have no idea of proper layout when walking into the space.

Thank you all for any ideas or feedback!!!

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Which side will the pocket door opening be on? Pocket door walls are usually very thin, did you plan on attaching anything to the wall that will have the opening to accommodate the pocket door?

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Hi, Dekeoboe. I would be attaching rods for clothes hanging into the pocket door wall...I was thinking of having the door move towards the closet to the right rather than towards the left.

After having a 3' shower box, I find myself wanting to go much larger. Perhaps I could add a 35" or 43" japanese tub at the one end as seen in the link? It would technically be a wet room then, b/c it would all be behind glass. It would look something like this:

Alternatively, I could switch the sides up...not sure the horrific realities of plumbing and labor costs (please chime in if I am off my rocker), but here is something that might work:

What do you think of these two new layouts?

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Following and commenting on Remodeling forum...

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Hey there onelady! Oooo bathroom reno, so exciting. Increasing your closet space is a good idea - however are you sure you need that much space? Just thought I'd throw that out there cause if it were up to me, I'd make the bathroom bigger and the closet area smaller, and just put a dresser in my bedroom for some of my clothing. If you were willing to sacrifice on closet space a bit, I'd do Layout C and increase the width of the shower. Then you get a bigger shower, a tub, and still a slightly larger closet!

With that in mind, if you want to keep your new closet size then this is what I'd do. I WOULD NOT get rid of the tub. If you were to get rid of any tub, I'd get rid of the tub in the kids' room and keep the tub in the master. Why? Because to me, tubs make the master ensuite feel more like an ensuite and luxurious room, and generally master bathrooms are bigger. You can bathe your baby (babies?) in the tub when they're young, then when they grow older they'll likely just shower, so they only have a shower in their bathrooms.

I'm sure you know moving the toilet is the biggest expense, so keep it where it is will save you tons of moola. I don't like you layout B with the soaker tub because it appears to be inside the shower stall which I think would be kind of weird? I think with the size of bathroom you have, you should stick with a more traditional layout.

You first layout, Layout A has waaay too long of a vanity. Mine is 84" and it feels more than adequate.

My master shower is slightly more than 42x42 but there's not bench. I think you'll be happy with the 60x42 shower in your layout c, but if you want it to feel even more luxurious and accommodate a bench, again you can decrease your closet size a bit.

So...with the cost of the toilet move in mind, I think layout C is the best. And with the possibility of increasing your shower size slightly and decreasing your new closet size.

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Yes I think the 38" walkway will be enough room. Our master bathroom has a similar galley layout and there's a 41" walkway, however the heavy-traffic area between our island and perimeter cabinetry in the kitchen is 36" which feels adequate

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Thanks for sharing the interesting topic... Your discussion is really very good on Remodeling

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