Double sink pedestal vs single sink vanity

kewrenJanuary 14, 2014

Hi, I'm planning our master bathroom remodel. We have a small bathroom. The area for the vanity is max 54" with a toilet to the right and a wall to the left. I was planning to find a 48" vanity and use a 3" filler to bring it flush to the wall. But, while looking for vanities, I found this double sink pedestal. It is 46" wide so I could pull it off wall 4-8". I taped off the area of the sink on my current vanity and my husband and I were surprised at how comfortable it was for us to both fit in front. Now I'm torn between going with the double sink pedestal or sticking to my plan of having a single sink vanity with lots of practical storage. If I did the pedestal, I could use two medicine cabinets to keep most of our stuff. I would just need to use a basket underneath for bigger items like the hair dryer which isn't used daily. Towels could go on a train rack above toilet or in another basket. Most of the time my husband and I aren't getting ready at the same time, just sometimes at night and on the weekends. What do you guys think? Which is the better way to go?

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If building code applies, the following may apply to your installation: you'd need the console to be a minimum of 4" away from the wall on one side and a minimum of 15" from the centerline of the toilet on the other side.

You have a small bathroom, so plumbing sightlines may not be an issue. But some folk are particular about how things look. Note that all the plumbing underneath the double console is exposed. So if tidiness is important to you, nail down the exact location of the console. Figuratively, not literally. Then layout exactly where you want the hot and cold water supplies and the two waste outlets to stub out of the wall.

Added storage: In smaller bathrooms I've sometimes added storage into the stud bays elsewhere in the room. Think along the lines of a "medicine cabinet on steroids". Some are simply the depth of the stud bay, say 3-1/2" deep. Four or five feet tall. Others I'll make deeper so rolls of toilet paper can fit inside, they'll project an inch or two proud of the wall.

Overall, the choice really is up to you. In smaller bathrooms, pedestals and consoles can open things up a bit visually. But as you already know, the compromise is less storage. If you can reconcile the practicality of the storage versus the aesthetic of the console, then there you go.

Storage beyond a simple medicine cabinet is usually more important so someone who primps and preens in front of a mirror. Having your "work tools" close by versus having to step across the room to get them, for example.

I have also made in-wall cabinets (again, think along the lines of a medicine cabinet) for elsewhere in the bathroom that have held curling irons and hair dryers. They're usually on a wall away from the sink. The outside of the door is usually artwork so when it's closed it's inconspicuous. The inside of the door is mirrored. Do your sink business. Step to the side. Open up the hair dryer cabinet, do your thing, then store the dryer and go on your way.

Based on your description, it sounds like your lifestyle could accommodate the double console.

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Thanks! I'm leaning toward doing it. I love the recessed cabinet idea. That would help. I might be able to fit one behind my door. I'm not much of a primper, only occasionally. I do like the minimalist look. The problem is you start adding baskets here and there and suddenly it becomes cluttered. I have to really plan where I'll put everything.

My total wall space is 84". I've saved 30" for toilet so I think I have the room. Wonder if I should stick with 4" to wall from sink or go with 8" or somewhere in between. Contractor is coming to sign contract tonight so I'll see what he says...we may have a change order before we even start!

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"...we may have a change order before we even start!"

Be careful! You know what they say about change orders:

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That's a riot!

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When you're both getting ready, are you both using the sink? For me, I would prefer the single sink with storage over a narrow double pedestal with less storage. While I do have a double sink and I like having it, I would like it a whole lot less if I did not have enough counter space or storage. We rarely are both using the sinks at the same time. I just enjoy being able to have a more pristine sink that's "mine" even though we are usually not both using sinks at the same time.

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That's funny and pretty much sums it up! Look what I found. This may be better. 48" wide could pull 4" off wall. This would give me enough storage.

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I actually want this one but seems sold out of the well know retailers.

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I bet there's no usable drawer space in there. What is the sink size? I wouldn't go smaller than 17". I also don't think 30" is enough for the toilet. I have 33" and it is very close to the vanity.

I wouldn't give up counter space and storage for two sinks that are only needed a few times a week. You really need 60" for two sinks.

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You really need 60" for two sinks

I have 60" and it's still tight as far as countertop space goes.

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Same with us-- just a little room between the two sinks in a 60" vanity. I would love to go with one sink when we remodel the MB.

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Love the pictures Mongoct!

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Babka NorCal 9b

Good one Mongoct! Is it yours????? ;-)


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