Tightwad needs to replace dead built-in bbq?

sputnikfarmJune 3, 2004

We moved into a new house that has a bricked in natural gas grill. I opened it the other day and it imploded on itself, raising a fine rusty dustcloud. There is no salvaging it. I am left with a 37"W x 19-3/4"deep hole (a seemingly odd size) in a nicely bricked island. I can't come to grips with $1000.00 bbq's. What are my other options? Can I buy one with a cart and mount it in my island? Do I put in a charcoal grill and pretend I am a purist? Can I have burners and a grill installed right in the island, or do i need to use a "built-in" factory made unit. I looked,but I could not find the manufacturers name on the old grill, and have a sneaking suspicion it was a portable grill bolted to angle bar.The island was built in 1979.What to do?

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Weber makes grills for building-in, but they may be in the 1,000 range, or they may not be. In any event, if you do go with a gas grill, I highly recommend Weber. They cook very well and I don't think you can go wrong for the money. A Genesis II Silver B (the minimum that I'd recommend) goes for $450. Not sure how the size is, or if you could take it apart and build it in. I'm sure that's not recommended for safety reasons. Maybe you could remove some bricks and reconfigure your space to use a gas grill as is, less the legs? But do check out the Weber built-ins. I think most Weber models are available in both LP and natural gas, comparable prices. I can identify with your "tightwad" inclinations, but if you've never cooked on a good gas grill, you'll be pleasantly surprised and might find it worth the money. Good luck, Steve

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Yes, those pricey gas grills are nice! What i'd do is go out on garbage night in the spring, and pick up several old propane grills that are sure to be getting the heave-ho!
Take them home, clean up the box and lid, go down to the camping/ grilling store, and buy a new burner and an ignitor.
Clean out all of the old grille parts, and then use the box and top of the propane grille inside the opening.
I would think you could make a neat installation for your place, without all of that fancy stuff. Maybe, if you have natural gas there, you could plumb it in for use! Worth a try!
Geez, every couple of summers, i pick up a better grille than the one we've been using, and throw away ours. Makes the Mrs. happy to get a better grille once in a while!
by: Rustyj

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