Can anyone recommend a good moisturizer for mature skin?

shelendeJanuary 2, 2007

If anyone read Paula Begouin's book "Don't go to the beauty counter without me", what does she recommend as a moisturizer for older, mature skin? If she only recommends her own product, has anyone used it and what do they think about it? I am looking for something creamy that will be absorbed. Some of the drugstore brands seem to leave a whitish film on my dry skin. Oil of Olay Regenerist made me start to break out.


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CETAPHIL is is gentle and non-greasy.

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Shelly, I use Yves Rocher Force+ Day & Night. No greasy film, light weight and my skin feels & looks great! The price is nice also.

look at it here ~


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DHC or Li'Bri, both are great products. Murad is good too.

Li'Bri is only sold through home parties like MaryKay products. Sometimes you can find the products for sale in boutiques where the selling space within the store is rented by individual sellers.

DHC is only sold through their catalogue or online. I swear their stuff has reduced my pore size and my face never feels dry or greasy.

They have a 'help line' to call for questions and they are really very nice and helpful.

They will send you samples and a catalogue if you call them.

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I use DHC and their stuff is GREAT! I am 43 with dry, sensitive skin that gets red easily and their products do not irritate my skin. Highly recommend!

Here is a link that might be useful: DHC

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My favorite is Jason's Ester-C creme, which is sold in health food stores. I buy it considerably cheaper at Vitacost. This moisturizer really holds the moisture (apply it to slightly damp skin), and has a matte finish.

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I love DHC too and have been a loyal customer to their olive oil skin care products-I recommend any of their skin care products. I have been using a skin care product that feels similar to it, I use a Neck Cream and Night Cream-part of the Be Fine Food Skin Care collection. The Neck Cream has mushrooms, iris flower and caffeine, all of which help firm, tighten and smooth the skin. I learned that on different parts of your body, the skin has different skin cells and these foods respond well with the skin on the neck as is is absorbed quickly. The Iris flower derived estrogens for tightening while the Caffeine evens out and smoothes the skin, while natural vitamins support collagen production.

the night cream has cocoa, millet and rice bran, which help improve the skin's elasticity and support collagen growth. The cocoa's caffeine increases circulation. I bought these at CVS

I love these new products and they make facial masks that are equally divine. I hope this helps you on your quest for a good cream.

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coolrowing, I just want something say that this Be Fine Food Skin Care System is just like DHC and it can be pruchased at CVS? Did I understand this right? I wanted to try it based on your recommendation. I figured it might be cheaper even though DHC is not outragously priced. I go through a lot of DHC and I really like the DHC soap.

I went to CVS and no one ever heard of Be Fine Food Skin Care. I live near Milwaukee. Maybe it is a regional item?

I can't access their website. It says it does not support my browser.

Are there other stores that carry Be Fine Food Skin Care or is it a CVS house brand only? I'll try to look around for it if it might be available elsewhere.

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bud, the Be Fine products are on the shelf at CVS in northern IL. Not sure, but think only CVS may carry it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Be fine

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what I meant by Be Fine products being similar to DHC was in the way my skin felt after using the products. The Be Fine doesn't contain olive oil, but it leaves my skin feeling so moisturized and soft after using it the way DHC soap does for my skin. I took a chance in trying it because it says on their boxes that they are good enough to eat, so i think it is safe for my skin. I haven't found any seriously dangerous perservatives in them. I think it is in CVS all over the country because my mother bought some in Los Angeles, CA and I get mine in MA. I found you can get it on the cvs website, which nancm posted. I hope that helps you out.

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