Fix Dent in Oven Door?

sarendsJanuary 7, 2013

I have located a Wolf "L" Series floor model that I can purchase for $2,000, which is VERY tempting but the unit has a dent in the bottom center of the door (it is actually in the stainless directly below the 'W" in Wolf about as low as you can go in the piece of stainless. I would say the dent is about 2/3 the size of a pea.

Is there any hope of mending this dent short of replacing the entire door?

Thanks, Steve

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While waiting for someone with that model to answer, I'll say that I've disassembled doors to clean the different layers of glass on other models. If it can be disassembled it can be substantially repaired. Best bet a body shop tech.

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Hope this is not too off-topic, but how do you disassemble an oven door to clean between the glass? Could you possibly post a link to instructions?

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The Jenn-Air I took apart just seemed straight forward enough to attempt by removing the screws beginning at the handle lip.

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Dan, the oven in question is a Wolf Series L and it is the stainless strip on the bottom. Thx, Steve

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BE SURE!!!!! To inspect the oven cavity for cracks, flaking etc, especially in the area that rhome had problems.
We don't how that dent occured, (Hopefully not from dropping it)!

Also check the alignment of the door, and if all possilbe turn on the oven and start a self clean, just long enough to see if the door will lock, but more importantly, will it unlock?
(Note Breezygirl's comment in your post in Kitchen Forums).

Also there was a modification to the doors on the "L series" Wolf's for modifications to the lock assembly,("A pin that corrodes") as I recall, and this generated an error code.

I would have to go back and read your post in the appliance forum, but are you getting a warranty on it, and hopefully from Wolf?

I'm not trying to discourage you from buying it, sounds like a good deal, I'm just trying to save you from some
"Aw Sh**s" on down the line!

Best of Luck!


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I've been told you can "reskin" the oven by buying a new skin part through Wolf. Does anyone have info on that, or have done that?

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Repair a dent in stainless steel to look like new ?

No way - especially at an auto body shop, even one that does DeLoreans. A scratch yes, dent no.

Replace the panel is the way to go.

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