Tubular mascara

JamieJanuary 1, 2009

Have you tried this? It goas on like traditional mascara, but is supposed to coat each lash in a little tube. Then the whole tube comes off when you wash your face. Or, you can pull them right off with a finger.

Can anybody tell me your experience with it?

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If I am right, you saw a commercial for it where it simulates each lash with a spiral of mascara. Is this where you saw it? I don't remember the brand, but that is actually how all mascara works if you properly apply it.

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I haven't actually seen that commercial. I saw the mascara in Beauty First (a retail store), but I didn't sample it because of the hygiene thing. The young clerk said she liked it, but she wasn't wearing it so I didn't get to see how it looked.

Does the commercial show removal?

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Lots of reviews of this style mascara with Google. It is expensive. Some say it is difficult to remove. Some say there is a learning curve to using it. I have been wanting to try it. It is suppose to come off with warm water and does not need any extra, expensive, special "mascara remover". Supposedly it will not come off in COLD water when swimming, only warm water. That is a plus for me.

I've tried shopping for it and get blank looks when asking for "tube mascara". They just think I want mascara that comes in a tube instead of cake form like mascara did in the old days. They must not train any of these sales people. I used to have the same problem trying to shop for colorless mascara and still get clueless sales people occasionally.

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If you take the tubes off carefully, you can make out of them.

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I think I have what you are looking for. It's Loreal Double Extend. It has "beauty tubes technology". It has a white primer on one end, and the mascara on the other.

It works good, although I think it can be improved. It's a little gloppier than I am used to, and need to use an eyelash comb because my lashes are close together, or I am applying it wrong. The little tubes do come off in water, and look funny at first. They do lengthen and thicken quite a lot though. I give it a B.

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The idea has me intrigued. I checked out a couple of brands and chose Blinc - Kiss Me Mascara. I bought a couple of small tubes yesterday on ebay. I can't wait to try them. I'll let you know how I feel about the product if you're interested.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mascara

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Too Faced Lash Injection supposedly does the tube thing- it's by far my favorite mascara. It doesn't clump- either leaving clumps or sticking lashes together, and it really lengthens.

I tried the Costco/Kirkland Borghese as I was out of the Too Faced and didn't want to go to Sephora or wait for it (and I had a coupon). I do not like the brush at all- the center has about a third as many bristles as it seems like it should, and seems to clump my eyelashes together, as well as leaving chunks of mascara too.

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Weed, you should post that on the money saving ideas forum.

I normally use Maybelline Full and Soft, and I like the look for every day. I was hoping the tubes would be more dramatic - like a false eyelash look - to use when I want to be more fake looking. It sounds like some of the tubes do not thicken/lengthen much more than my Maybelline product, but some do...

My other concern was that pulling off the tubes (which I'm sure I would end up doing at the end of the day) would also pull out my eyelashes. I can't afford to lose any of them. Anybody had the problem of eyelashes coming out along with the tubes?

Thanks everybody for all the info.

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Wow! I used the Blinc mascara yesterday for the first time. The only problem I had using it is that if you curl your eyelashes (and I do) you have to do that before you put mascara on, which is the opposite of my normal routine. The only problem with that is that the lashes are closer to my lids then and I got a little bit of mascara on my lid. But a wet swab cleaned it up with no smearing. Sometime during the day I totally forgot that I was wearing the new mascara, so I forgot to check before I went to bed to see if the claim that it stays put with no smearing was accurate. And I'm a bad girl - I often go to bed with my makeup on, which I did last night.

I wash my face first thing every morning, even before I shower (helps wake me up). Well, after I washed (still not remembering I had used the Blinc) when I looked at the towel I saw a couple of black squigglies and I remembered the Blinc. So I washed my face again, lightly rubbing my fingers across my lashes. Like magic, the tubes all came off and there was no residual smudges you sometimes get with regular mascara.

Jamies, you don't "pull" on your lashes at all, so there is no worry about losing lashes.

I think I'm going to like this product.

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No morning racoon eyes? I'm sold!

Donna, how did the length and thickness compare with other mascara you have used? Did you use a primer?

I often don't wash my face at night. I choose makeup that's close to cosmecuetical for that reason. I'm going to try Blinc when my current mascara runs out.

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"Weed, you should post that on the money saving ideas forum."

That necklace is not made from mascara. Good grief.

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Dilly Dally, it was a joke, Jamies got it and thought it was funny too.

Get a sense of humor!

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