Kamado Joe

djh64June 24, 2009

Does anyone know anyone that has a Kamado Joe Ceramic cooker. It is new to the market and is a direct competiter to the Big Green Egg. Comes with cart and shelves and nearly fully assembled unlike the BGE which has to be purchased and assembled from about 20 pieces plus hardware. As a bonus it is red and not green. I would think it would cook just like the Egg.

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Don't have a Kamado Joe, but might shed some light on the EGG. Really not much assembly with and EGG. There might be 20 pieces if you are counting the nest and side tables. Egg consists of dome, lower half, fire ring, firebox, ceramic grate, cooking grate, rain cap, ceramic feet(3). Options are thermometer and daisy wheel, nest, side tables and bands for the basic set up. Concerning colors I have seen BGE's in green and blue. About putting the BGE together it is straight forward and not difficult at all.

If colors really interest you you might want to look at Grill Dome they offer red, black, green, blue and sometimes orange and yellow.

Or if you want a tile variant look at the straight stick Kamado. Primos are pretty much black/gray (never seen any other colors) and Imperial Kamados only ever seen one of them and it was red. Haven't seen a Kamado Joe yet.

I have a couple of ceramic cookers (three different manufactures) they all cook alike, food tastes the same out of each. You cant go wrong with ceramic they are awesome.

Fly Navy

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Check this site:

Here is a link that might be useful: Kamado Corporation

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Anyone else have one of these? If so, where is the best place to buy it? I saw it on Amazon, but the dimensions listed there were confusing and did not give the diameter of the cooking grill.


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