Store brands or generics vs brand names

ramriceJanuary 23, 2008

Has anyone used a generic or equivalent products that's as good as the brand name?

I bought the Walmart version of Pantene conditioner and it was no good. It was nothing like Pantene.

However, I did try the Walmart version of Cetaphil and it was pretty decent.

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what you describe is pretty much how I feel; trial and error, hit or miss.

It's not worth the savings if you end up throwing out the product though.

This thread could be a good place for people to post their favorite generic products that do work !! or if not generic, inexpensive.

Mascara is one product I don't like to spend a lot on. I can't see the difference.

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Well when you buy generic products you get generic results. Even with Pantene Suave and like products theymay seem to be cheaper but they are either watered down and have so much wax product in them they weigh your hair down. Professional products will not only last longer but they come with a guarantee, if you do not like them you have 30 days from time of purchase to return Be sure to check with the salon as return policys may vary

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I love Crest Whitestips, and have tried the knockoffs from Walmart and Walgreens. I'll pay full price for Crest any day.

I'll second the walmart version of Cetaphil. It's pretty much the same.

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Walmart's Equate version of Oil of Olay with SPF 15 sunscreen works well for me.

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Generics can be made by different manufacturers so unless you are saving a lot of money and/or you don't care where you are going to use the product, use the best brand you can find.

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Read the ingredients and percentages - I've found that when I do that and check out generic vs name brand, it works fine.

Check out and read labels. Personally I won't use anything with parabens (wax) in it or any silicones or 'cones.

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