Salon ettiquite (Tipping)

john_nyJanuary 3, 2004

I recently received a $250 gift certificate from my husband for the Red Door Salon at Elizabeth Arden in New York. I plan on using it for a package spa day with a facial, massage, pedicure, manicue, and a haircut, style and blow dry as well as a spa lunch (a day of Beauty, Yeah!) Does anyone know what a tipping schedule would be for all the people involed? I don't want to look like a cheapskate but I have no clue as to what would would be reasonable for a place like that. Please help and advise. Thanks Karen Johnson (the gift certificate was from John-yeah!)

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I figure 20 percent of the bill and then divide it among everyone as I think it needs to be. Maybe you can just give 20 percent in one lump sum, but I don't know who you would hand that to.

20 percent is the max for tips and you could probably get away with a bit less.

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Karen, the way I would do it is to evaluate at the end of the day how many services you had and how long the technician was with you..... if you had 4 equal services and had $50 to divy up, then approx. 12$ each would apply.....

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I just went to a Red Door Salon in Providence, RI and they tacked 20% on to my bill which I thought was kind of inappropriate but what could I do? I would assume that is a policy country wide with Red Door. The services were exceptional so I guess it was worth it!!

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I realize this is WAY too late but, if this should come up for someone else... check with the salon before you go in (they don't have to know you are the one with the gift certificate) usually when someone buys a package like that the salon adds the tip into the purchase so that the person receiving the services doesn't have to worry about it.

Have fun!

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dani, excellent point. My niece who worked in a salon , told me that people with gift certificates would not tip , they thought it was included so that may be why salons have incorporated the tip in the certificates.

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