Master bathroom DIY before and after pics!

joannembJanuary 22, 2013

After 6 long months, the master bedroom and bath have been completed! Here are before and after pictures.. (on pinterest)

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What a beautiful job you've done! I love the finished bedroom and the way you were able to make your spaces live larger than they are. Congratulations to you, your DH and your DIY apprentice!

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Love the finished product! Intrigued by your closet doors! They have got me brainstorming about retro-fitting my current 'shutter' style closet doors that I was thinking of for more research!

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There are other options I considered to conceal the glass of the doors.... Sheer curtains on the inside, or frosted glass spray. Of course you could put in real mirrors (but would have to remove the glass, and that is kind of a pain.) I knew I wanted mirrors because the room doesn't get a lot of light and I wanted to open up the space, but thought that real mirror might look too contemporary for the feel I was going for. In the end, the "Looking Glass" spray was what I decided to go with to get the french farmhouse feel I was going for.

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Here's the link.

Here is a link that might be useful: link

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Joanne, your bedroom is dreamy and romantic. I love your bathroom too! Especially the clever baseboard and the french doors. Thank you for sharing it here.

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Wow...yall did a beautiful job! Yall had so many great ideas too!

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