A Few More Nana's Treasures

suziequeJune 4, 2011

Here are a few more.

I forgot to put the measuring tape next to the white cup with blue pointed flower, but it's small - about 3" high. The bottom of th cup is in the next picture.

I'm pretty sure that the little silver (Sterling is stamped on the bottom) cups are salt cups. There are 6 of them and 6 little spoons. They're very tarnished and I'll clean them (right?). I don't know that I'll use them but they're so darned cute.

The little pottery (?) vase is cute, but unfortunately has a small chip in the rim (not showing in the pic).

The next item is a bottle, painted over with a sprinkler/cork top. I think it was used when ironing, to dampen the cloth.


Here is a link that might be useful: More from Nana

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I left messages on the pictures....

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The little "pottery" brownish piece is probably a toothpick holder.

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Thank you both! I'll post more and answer your questions this afternoon, Linda.

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The laundry sprinkler is probably a painted soft drink bottle.

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Toothpick holders don't have handles nor spouts and aren't taller than a toothpick. It's a pitcher.

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Hi - yes, I do think it's too tall for a toothpick holder. Just looked at it again. I'm so disappointed that it's got a little chip in it.

I've uploaded some photos of more things and I answered your questions, Lindac. I hope I'm not boring you folks; I know these aren't valuable but it's fun for me to get your information about them.

Thanks so much.


Here is a link that might be useful: More

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William Heacock wrote" Rare & Unlisted Toothpick Holders" And there are several 2 handled & even a 3 handled toothpick holders. Page 50 is"handled Colonials" Page 51 is other "two-handled patterns" Handles may be high up on the toothpick or very low or in center. Nothing uniform about them. Some metal holders were large page 24 has some of those & they make the toothpick container look kind of out of place. Pairpoint , Monot & Stromff were 2 of companies that added metal. I still think some were shaped like pitchers as he mentions people getting mixed up on the Flint no.411 individual creamer thinking it was a toothpick! William Heacock was the very respected author of several books on Fenton Glass & wrote 1st book on toothpicks before the 1 I have. Toothpick holders are fun to collect, so many glass, pottery, china & other materials they are made of. My favorite my bro. made me in grade school! It's a blue bird with his mouth open & has white belly & black marks on it, around his mouth is lt. yellow & toothpicks go in his open mouth. Signed it & yr. 1954!

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Toothpick holders of course can be handled....but the handle is not opposite the spout on a pitcher like object. And a toothpick holder is not taller than a toothpick.
I have a few....and have seen hundreds and hundreds int he course of buying and viewing some collections of toothpicks.
It's really not a toothpick holder.....even though some do have handles, I know of none with a spout.
Many people have used things like shot glasses votive candle holders and even individual creamers to hold toothpicks.....but that doesn't make then toothpick holders any more than it makes me a car if I sleep in the garage.
Keep studying and go to shops and sales whenever you can....nothing like seeing stuff in person and touching and handling to really show you about antiques.
Linda C

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