Beautiful porcelain items but unknown

Knvsmom2June 21, 2013

I have 5 pieces of porcelain(?) made items that are each signed McDuff, yet I am unable to find anything on the said artist.
There are 2 trinket boxes, some type of small wall plaque, and and 2 ring holders maybe? Each is smooth white porcelain or some type of white glass but the sides and tops of the items are glazed and various floral designs grace each piece. It doesn't look like these pieces were done by some amateur artist, but I can find nothing on this McDuff person who signed each piece on front. Only one of the small ring holders has any kind of other markings. There is D-54-w on the bottom of it.
Any help of information would be appreciated. Thank you.

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China painting was a popular hobby or home business in the late 1800s and early 1900s. They bought the blanks and patterns, painted them, and shipped them back to be fired. If the patterns were transferred with carbon paper or graphite, it burned off in firing and you see no hint of the help the artist had.

I have several pieces painted by various aunts, and they were good painters.

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China painting was very popular in Ca. about 15-20 ys ago. I bought a piece to put in a bathroom, Has gold around edges & lady signed it, Very similar to your design with the pink flowers. They were popular at local boutiques for Christmas , Mother's Day gifts etc. One artist would have any number of items that she had painted & fired, they were signed, mine says Jenson. I paid about $10 for my little dish with handle that looks cute in bathroom. Could put rings or watch on it.

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The pink flowers on green looks like many of the plates and other items that my grandmother painted in the early 1960's. She had her own kiln.

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