Finished modern bathroom

margieb2January 18, 2012

The "What was your best bathroom remodeling decision" was amazingly helpful although by one regret is that we opted out of the heated floors. We installed a toe kick heater under the vanity instead but it's not quite the same! Anyway, by pushing the wall with the vanity back 2 feet and taking space from the bedroom behind it, we were able to add double sinks and a tub. It's now a very functional and very soothing space. Love it!

Here is a link that might be useful: Master bath remodel

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Wow! What's not to love in this bathroom?! Congratulations! Great job.

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Absolutely gorgeous...beautiful materials, lovely choices!

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Wow, absolutely gorgeous! I love the soothing colors and the beautiful tub and tile. Thanks for sharing.

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Just lovely. May I ask what paint color you used on your walls?

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Beautiful and soothing!

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Could you please tell me what tile you used -- the large tiles on the wall (12"x12"??) and the mosaic as well, gorgeous!!

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Gorgeous! Simple, clean and beautiful!

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Very nice. Are the valve trim in the shower Kohler? Looks like it.

Also, on the left wall of the shower, to the far right, there is a pipe that looks like it comes from the floor...what is that?

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Wow. Thanks for the kind comments. Cat Mom, you were actually very helpful with my kitchen remodel some years ago. I love your backsplash!! So in answer to your questions: There is no paint on the walls. The tile, 17x17" square Impronta Ceramiche Sands in white, is on the floor and on the walls all the way to the ceiling. The back-splash tile is Vetri Lux Bianco mosaic. The shower sprays are kholer, the shower head Rhol, and the trim Hansgrohe Axor. Vdubaudi, the "pipe" that you see is actually the hose from the hand spray. The sink Faucets are Dornbracht nad the tub filler Cheviot. The best thing about the bathroom is that the there is a place for everything, including the electric toothbrush, so nothing is left on the counters. Love that!!!

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Your bathroom is gorgeous! I would like to do something similar with my vanity area, but am not sure we have enough room. Would you mind telling me the total length of the vanity, as well as the widths of the individual doors and drawers? Are the sinks the Lacava Spring 19" x 15"? Also, what size are your medicine cabinets? TIA!

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What a beautiful space... It looks like a spa! I'm in love with your color palette, your lighting and your mosaic especially. I laughed when I saw your before pictures because we tore out a similar corner vanity configuration, complete with the full wall mirrors and Hollywood light bars!

Enjoy your room!

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:). I hated and lived with those Hollywood light bars for 14 years! Let's see, yes, the sink is the Lacava Spring lavatory,with interior dimensions of 12 and 7/8th deep by 16 and 5/8th wide. The vanity is 93"long, 24" deep and 35" high with the counter. The center drawers are each 16" wide, the cabinet under the sink is 21" wide and the pull-outs on the sides are about 9" wide. Medicine cabs are 20x40. I'll try to add a photo of the nightlights to photobucket because I can't seem to figure out how to add one photo!

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Beautiful tile work - the whole bath is very calm and peaceful.

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Loved your bathroom. I am starting a similar project. I already had the cabinets made so there is no way back. Could you tell me if you ordered your plumbing, mirrors, sconces, etc on line? I do not do much shopping on line and it makes me nervous. Again, very beautiful!

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Flora2, I ordered almost everything but the lighting through Fergusons in Boston. We drove in to meet with a sales person once and did everything else over the phone and on line. I researched everything on line but purchased through the store. Vanity Sconces are from Ayre lighting and the others are Leucos. I believe i bought them from Ylighting. Good luck and enjoy!

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Your bath is simply stuffing! So much to love about it. Were your cabinets custom made, or what brand were they?

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My favourite part is the ingenious storage for your hairdryer and related paraphernalia - if I could keep my hairdryer off my tiny bathroom counter, I'm convinced my life would be better for it!

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Legallin, the cabinets were custom made by a local craftsman who does beautiful work. Bobby, that's my favorite part too... we opted for the electric medicine cabinets over the heated floors and as much as I'm missing those heated floors right now, I really love having the electric toothbrush and everything else out of sight!

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Beautiful, love the tub!

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Oh, just beautiful -- I'm in love with that vanity's clean, simple and elegant lines. I have yet to find a stock vanity that appeals to me at all -- but you've now inspired me to talk to a local craftsman, see what can be done.

Congrats on a beautiful job and thanks for sharing.

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Gorgeous! Love the bamboo, the tile everywhere and the tone-on-tone glass mosaic. I wish I could restrain myself like you have -- I sometimes think of myself as a maximalist modernist : )

A functional question: how is the shower? I love the solution to a corner shower without doing the neo-angle glass shower thing, as we're faced with...but does it feel like a crypt at all? I'm guessing you have a separate light in there...and would you recommend it for a smaller bath? I'm thinking of glass because it would open up the shower space and make it part of the small room (it's our third/guest bath), but the neoangle frailties worry me (leaks at seams, cleaning seams, etc...) What are your thoughts now that you have maybe used the shower for a little while now?

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My husband was absolutely convinced that the shower was going to feel claustrophobic and we grappled with the idea of creating a glass half wall between the vanity and the shower but ultimately didn't want to have to deal with any potential leaking seams as you suggest. As it turns out, we love the shower as it is. There is more than enough space and it feels warm and cozy and private...not at all claustrophobic. It's 3 feet wide and 4.9 feet at it's longest point (from the back of the shower to where the baskets are located). The key was putting the shower head at the back of the shower so that there is not a wall right in front of us as we stand under the stream of water. With the glass door right there, we can look out into the room. Hopefully that has answered your question. If you have any other questions, fire away. Best of luck!

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Thanks for your quick reply, Margie! We don't have 5' of length to work with -- it could be about 46 x 40, but that's it...maybe it wouldn't be the right thing for us...It looks great in your room, though. Very smart solution to the neo-angle problem.

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Flyleft, the shorter side of that wall is 3'2'. The 46' of length could work. We feel there's actually a lot of dead space in the shower basket corner.

AS for the restraint, I had to keep re[eating the mantra, less is more and then pray that it wouldn't be boring in the end. I Love it. It's very tranquil and soothing and the fixtures and hardware provide all the architectural detail.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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