Perfect Flame BBQ Grill

frankgreenJune 1, 2007

If you are like me and are impressed with the look of the Perfect Flame Grills at Lowes I will warn you. I bought one and after 6 months one of the stainless steel burners cracked all the way across. I checked with Lowes who didn't even want to discuss it. I had to call the 800 number which was OK. The took the info and quickly and rudely told me that they would send me a burner "this time" but from now on, I would have to prove that the burner had no rust or it wouldn't be covered. Now I don't know how many of you cook out much but I've never seen a burner used more than a few times that didn't have some surface rust. Anyway, it has now been also 3 months later, still no burner. They keep telling me they are sending it but I'm not holding my breath. Well that's my story. You can decide it you want one of these grills. As for me, I've bought my last one.

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Next time, buy a Weber. It will serve you well, and they actually provide customer service.

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Bought the model SLG2006G six burner grill about 20 months ago. While the grill cooked weel, the burner have rotted out and because of they way they are put in, the screws cannot be removed to take them out.

It is a Lowes exclusive, but lowes doesn't even carry parts for it.

Customer service appears to be a joke.

Get a Weber, at least they have parts available at many locations.

To hell with Lowes and its Perfect Flame

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Addendum to above post.

The grill was bought April 2, 2006. Even worse than I thought.

But after being on the phone for 45 min, finally got someone. With proof of purchase, they'll send five new burners. But I have to deal with five frozen screws.

Not well made or well designed.

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Those Lowe's people need to wake up fast or the "new Home Depot" will be eating their lunch pretty soon.

When I was shopping water heaters I came across this little tidbit, linked below. I had just bought the heater but thankfully not installed it yet. I practically flew to the phone to cancel my order.

Now that I am shopping for a grill, I know to stay away from their exclusive stuff from threads like this one. They do provide pretty good deals on name-brand (read: widely distributed) appliances if you play your cards right, though. I purchased four large appliances last year and they all seem to be nice, with very nice pricing.

I really want them to do better. Competition is what helps the consumer in the end, and Lowe's is the only real competition HD has, at least when considered on a nationwide basis.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lowe's water heater

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three weeks later and I'm still waiting for my replacement parts.

The Prefect F lame isd a Perfect Piece of Crap.

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After less than 6 months, my Perfect Flame burners are rusted out. I decided not to mess with the warranty after reading this site. I found some non-OEM replacements online for $28/per.
. Guess what? The screws on my old burners are rusted, so I can't get them off. Talk about frustrating!!!
. Oh, well... it was good while it lasted. I LOVED this grill before it rusted through.

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I bought my slg2006g last july and my burners are all rusted out and cracked. i even kept the grill on a porch covered up. i can't get any answer to the 1-800 number either. what a waste of money.

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My husband recently purchased the Perfect Flame #720-0335, his birthday is coming up and I would like to get him the rotisserie that goes with this grill. Only problem is I am unable to find the rotisserie kit that is sold specifically for this grill. Does anybody have this grill with rotisserie? Which rotisserie kit should I buy?

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I just bought the Perfect Flame model #720-0335 from Lowe's. Bought at a ridiculously low clearance price. Did not have a manual or any contact information. Can anyone post the customer service number and/or web site address so I can get a head start on any future issues? Thanks

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I got the cusomer service number (1.800.913.8999), called them, waited on the line less than 5 minutes. Sending manuel in the mail today.

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DO NOT BUY THIS GRILL!!!! Tonite i started the grill, went inside to get the meat and was in for about 10 mins max... went out side and the grill had caught on fire... it is toast - and we keep the grill extremely clean and have had it since the spring.

needless to say, after reading these posts, i doubt we will hear anything from customer service.

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Wow So true, Wish I had Blogged this grill before investing in one. I had a horrible buying experience. Model# SLG2007B. NO qaulity at all, my knobs, 4 out of 5 broke off and fell to the ground after about the 5th use. Although Lowes was nice enough to give me new ones, they all broke off just as quick, so I gave up on the knobs. Now, about the burners, all 4 of them blew out and split open down the middle in less than six months. Also the grill caught on fire melting metal parts, YES, actually melted METAL. This Thing COULD HAVE BLEW UP! Try and get them to send you replacements. I was just going to buy more until I found out they wanted $35.00 a piece for each burner. I will toss this one up to experience and get a weber or Ducane.

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Ducane was bought out by Weber. But you can still buy a Ducane.

Also look at the Napolean's. They are made in Canada. Well built, cook great.

Enjoy the journey.

eal51 in western CT

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Perfect Flame Stainless Steel Model #241317,
Caught fire the second time we used it. The hose melted and separated at the grill. Flames shot out and melted rubber was dripping all over. We couldn't cut it off because the knobs had melted and fallen off, so my husband wrapped a wet cloth around his and hand and arm to reach in and turn off the tank to keep it form exploding. It scared us to think that our house could have burned down or even worse that the propane tank may have exploded possibly causing a fatality. Since the grill was assembled at Lowes, I don't know if this is a manufacturer defect or if the unit was assembled incorrectly. I called Lowes and the manager was not only rude but a jerk, seemed to act like it was our fault. So I will be returning this grill to get my money back. I will never buy this brand again, nor will Lowes get my business in the future. I am angry beyond words, so other than this post I refuse to waist my time and energy on this product or LOWES and their poor management skills.

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Perfect flame sucks and I will never buy one again. Their customer service is nonexistent.

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bought perfect flame charcoal grill number 170696....Never ever ever again will we buy the brand. Could not regulate heat. Closed all vents and still heat stayed high. Food burned. Husband pi**ed. Customer service??? No such thing never got a replay to the many complaints we filed. Money wasted..........

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One: there is a misconception that a stainless steel is the best thing for bbq. Cast iron and/or ceramic are actually the best materials for a bbq.

Two: All "stainless steel" is not created equal. Because of the high price of nickel, and high demand for stainless, a lot of people are now selling cheap, brittle grades of duplex and ferritic stainless steel without the nickel instead of the traditional austentitic stainless that was common 10 years ago.

Three: real "stainless steel" should never rust, only discolor slightly. Cheap grade stainless will deteriorate and change color significantly under high heat and it has inferior corrosion resistance.

Lesson is you get what you pay for. If you see a great big shiny stainless steel appliance that seems cheap, there's probably a reason for that. A well made and properly painted steel/cast iron grill will last longer than a cheap stainless grill.


Here is a link that might be useful: More info on Stainless grades and families

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Found out during a cookout yesterday all 3 of my burners are cracked on my Lowes model # slg2007. Called the 1-800 # above and was told they didn't even manufacturer that mode
and I needed to call the store for the correct #.

Called Lowes and got the runaround for an hour and got absolutely know where. Looks like I wasted my money and will make it a point to bash perfect flame grills everywhere I see fit including approaching customers at Lowes.

If anybody has any info I can use in fixing it drop me a e-mail @


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There is probably enough here for a class action. i am an attorney let me know if you are interested. P.O. Box 828 Dandridge, TN 37725 865.397.8327

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In August of 2006, my parents bought a SLG2006CN Perfect Flame 5 burner model for my husband's big birthday. The night after first using it, we were awakened by our neighbor banging on our door to tell us the grill was on fire. Long story short is that the Lowe's had improperly assembled the natural gas line. They replaced it, but our own plumber found the same assembly defect in the new grill. We had it fixed and have used it with no problem until Sunday - Father's Day. My husband turned the grill on and went inside. Within minutes, there was a roaring fire in the grill which was spewing black smoke out the back and from under the hood. Immediately we turned off the gas, leaving the hood closed...but after several long minutes during which we could hear metal buckling, the fire was only partly diminished, so my husband pulled out the utility drawer. Everything in there was on fire. We were able to douse it with water.

These stories seem to be about various models of Perfect Flame grills - has anyone else had trouble with this particular model? Is anyone interested in the class action???

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WARNING, WARNING, WARNING, Do not buy one of these grills. All the burners burned out makeing the grill usless after one season and one tank of propane. This was bad enough untill I tried to contact customer service. Phone is always busy and if by chance you do get through you will be put on hold with a messege telling you to e-mail them untill you finally hang up and try that. E-mail did get me a return call a day later telling me I needed to produce a receipt to receive anything. As of yet this issue is yet to be resolved. I will not be holding my breath for sure and likely will be buying something else so to have a grill to use for the 4th.

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I'm sure glad I have this computer. I WAS going to buy a Perfect Flame BBQ today, saw the Lowe's add for a nice looking Perfect Flame BBQ, but I decided to check them out on the web, and I'm GLAD I did. I thank ALL of you for letting us know about this bad product. Does any one know about Lowe's other lines of BBQ such as the Commercial Series made by Char-Broil.

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We paid $350 for this grill kept it on our covered lanai and with in 2 months the grates were rusted out and so were the heat plates. We continued to use the grill after spending so much money on it and WOW beware there was a grease fire soon after. What a piece of JUNK! Bought it from Loews I wish I would have read the reviews. STAY AWAY FROM PERFECT FLAME! We bought a Commercial Grade Infarred Char Broil and although it was a little more money "I'm in love with it" Well worth it to spend a little extra cash for a great quality grill!!!! Char Broil also sold at Loews. Plus consumer reports gives the Char Broil great reviews unlike the Perfect Flame that is rusting all over my front curb waiting for the garbage man!!! Make sure you get the model with Stainless Steele grates!

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I own a model GAC3615 that tonight caught fire on low heat after only a short time. The grill is defective. I posted pictures and full details on my website
We have owned it since 11-23-07

I have sent the company and Lowes a email complaint. I also filed a complaint with the US product safety commission.
To contact me email just remove the no-spam first.

In case your wondering the grill was perfectly clean. I have hardly even used it. I clean it after each use. Well I did before it went up like a firecracker. Ever seen metal burn? It stinks. Check out the site for all the info.

I am all for a class action on this one.

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to info on my grill burning and pictures

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Is this also happening on the charcoal grills? I just bought one last night.

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My burners rusted out and cracked after 1 1/2 years. After getting nowhere with Perfect Flame, I went to Lowe's with complaint forms in hand (DOJ Consumer Complaints, and BBB), didn't need them, Lowe's replaced my grill because I had my receipt (I didn't get a Perfect Flame grill). I'd suggest everyone to convience Lowe's to stand behind the products they sell, make good on the products they sell, and make them deal with Perfect Flame. I couldn't get in touch with Perfect Flame and either could the Sales Manager at Lowe's (who was wonderful to me during this experience. Good Luck.

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I found a $10 burner replacement for the 3-burner perfect flame grill at WalMart - 'Grill Care' brand. It works great, easy to install.

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I'm another idiot who fell for this piece of crap china made waste of money. The grill lasted me a whole of six months before the burners cracked and rusted through. Customer service - "yeah right". Lesson learned, you want cheap, you get cheap sh*t and it costs you more in head-ache and time.

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Bought my Perfect flame four burner two yaers ago and have used it 3-4 times a week year round since then. Just spoke with customer service(1-800-444-6742) and with in three minutes have four new burners on the way at no charge, all they needed was part# and approx date of purchase. All grills in the same price range use the same burner materials and conatruction ,and will deteriorate with use. I have had "high end "grills before and have had the same problems, so unless you can find one with cast iron or brass burners doesn't matter.And for those fo you who suggest going "commercial grade" that is usually just a moniker to fool the consumer for a truly commercial grade grill will cost you several thousand dollars. So all in all my cheap Perfect Flame has been a good buy considering I got it at year end clearance for $200.00 and had two good years service and will probably get two more good years or more with my four new free burners. For those of you with rusted retaining screws a healthy dose of WD-40 will help and if not just pry them out with a flat screwdriver(I did)and don't put the screws back in just a short nail with head as apin and gravity will do the rest.D

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Wow, I must be the lucky one. My Perfect Flame 3-burner that I purchased in 2007 lasted a whole year and a half before one of the burners cracked. I only use the grill occasionally and itÂs been outside for only one winter. What am I suppose to do, bring it in the house? I agree, donÂt buy this grill. It took me almost two hours to get the broken burner out. Only one screw, but it was frozen. Had to take the back cover off (8 screws) to get at the screws for the burner brace (3 more screws), and then fight with the one frozen screw after removing the burner and brace together. What a project for something that should be very easy. Then I find out the replacement burner costs about $30 on-line.

Look to other brands of grills. Good idea listed above though. Don't put the screws back in. Just a small large head nail for easy removal later.

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We bought model SLG2006C in July 2006 and it work wonderful till last night. I started 2 of the 5 burners and put on a salmon filet, grilled for 3 minutes and flipped it over. Went in the house to get a clean plate and POOF my grill and filet went up in flames. The grill was not on more then 8 minutes. I opened the lid and flames was shooting out. I shut off the gas thinking it would go out, it did not. I pulled out the drawer and flames was shooting out of it. I had to use the hose on it to get the fire out.
YES I DO have the receipt, what you think Lowe's will do about it? I just want a store credit for another grill.
I would love your comments on if you think this is possible or what should I do?

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I just posted about my grill going up in flames. If anyone knows of a recall or lawsuit please email

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We took our Grill back to lowe's today with the receipt and they gave us a store credit for the full amount of the grill. It was not on the recall list but you could clearly see where it had melted. Everyone else might try this.

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I had a grill fire on 08/04/2008 one day prior to product recall. This item was brought at Lowes and manufactured by Lucas Innovations. As you can see by the photo album there was some property damage to the new deck and vinyl siding. Lowes accepts no responsibility for defective merchandise it sells other then issuing a full refund of the item. Lucas Innovations says that as I temporarily stepped away from the grill I voided the warranty. They are not taking responsibility for manufacturing a hazardous item, made with hoses that are too thin, and grill pans with too much magnesium. A normal household fire extinguisher could not put out the fire and intense heat from a fire 6" away from the house melted the vinyl. The Fire Department put out the fire with a special extinguisher.
As I seacrhed the web for information on this grill I noticed that there are over 175 "reported" fire with the CPSC whow ifich I reported to. But there are a multitude of forums where there have been fires from not only this grill but other Perfect Flame Grills also.
I would like to know if you had a fire, Did you report it to the CPSC, did you have property damage, did you return you grill to Lowes (I still have mine), did you contact Lucas Innovations? Do you have photos?

Here is a link that might be useful: Carols_Corner

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I purchased a small Perfect Flame tabletop grill Model GST1811 a couple of years ago. After using it 12 to 15 times, the thin tubular rods of the cooking grid disintegrated and broke in half. They want $40 to replace a poorly designed item. A supervisor was to call me back when I complained. I'm glad that I didn't hold my breath. Keep away from Perfect Flame.

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Grrrr... it will cost me as much to replace the burners and heat plates as I paid for the grill SLG2007B. Burners 4 @ $30 and heat plates also 4 @ $30 (I paid $220 for the floor model at the end of year clearance) Now after reading all of the above ... I think my house might be safer if I just keep my cooking indoors.

BTW ... a different model by the same manufacturer has a DEFECT ... too much magnesium in the aluminum allow turns it into an

incidiary bomb ...
for the recall info

Here is a link that might be useful: Consumer Product Safety Commission

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Bought a 4 burner Perfect flame gas gill in spring 07. Haven't had any problems until last night. The grill cought on fire scorching steaks and chiken breasts. I quickley turned off the gas and the fire went out avoiding a possible explosion and, or Deck fire. I noticed that the gas tube coming from the propane tank was located too close to the burners and the raging fire, consequently melting the tube. Thank God, nothing else happened except for the grill fire. Based on previous posts, this has been happening all to often!!!!!

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I just had to throw mine away, it was only 2 1/2 years old. I am just so disgusted with Lowe's at this point I will NEVER step foot in their store again. It was so rusted that it would have cost me more to fix the grill then buy a new one. I kept it covered when it wasn't in use, but what chance did I have? When they delivered it, it was already rusted in spots, and when I called to complain about it Lowe's told me that they are like that......PIECE OF JUNK!

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I just put together my new Perfect Flame Two Lid Grill model# 271575. After reading all of these posts, I went down to Lowes with my receipt in hand and asked them about all the issues. The info I got from a service manager was that the grills that were recalled had a different lid than mine and that my grill would not catch on fire, OK so that is not an issue, but all the reports of cracked burners & rusting got me thinking some more. Look I don't know if there is a grill out there that won't rust, but I am moving to Oregon where it rains like every day & I just can't help but wonder if my $549 grill will become a rusty hunk of junk in a year. Anyway the manager is going to call me tomorrow and tell me if i can bring it back for a store credit or not. I bought it 5 months ago, just now put it together for the summer BBQ I figure I will just spend the rest of my night doing some research on their other grills. Good Luck everyone.

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I bought my Perfect Flame SLG2007B two years ago, started to grill the other day and found 3 of 4 burners had rusted out and are unusable. The screws are frozen/rusted solid.

I just called the Care number, but after reading these posts I am not looking forward to a quick resolution. In any case, I would strongly recommend a different grill as this series clearly has major defects!!

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After less than a year in service, all of our Perfect Flame's burners are cracked, one so badly that there is absolutely NO way to adjust the heat. Everything is torched. And, like others, DH can't even get the bolts off to replace them IF he could get replacements. Of course, as everyone has already found out, Lowe's does not offer any help. They carry a couple fo peripherals for the Perfect Flame, but not parts like burners. They tell you to go to the manufacturer. And guess what? The manufacturer told us to go to Lowe's. RUNAROUND! The gentleman at Lowe's was so solicitous and said that he would call the manufacturer for us and get back to us in a couple of days. It's been 2 weeks and no call yet. Don't think there will be, do you?

Bottom line (for us, anyway) is that we will never again purchase a "store" brand. It will definitely cost us more, but we will buy only a name brand like Weber, CharBroil, etc. Something at least that we know we will be able to purchase parts for.

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How about this stuff is garbage. Within a year everything is rusted out and replacement parts are expensive if you can even get them. Do yourself a favor and get a Weber.

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We bought ours at Lowes for Fathers Day 2008. Last year the burner tubes were burned out in sections, but were useable. This year, they are completely burned thru. I went to Walmart and bought replacements, but now I cant loosen the bolts holding the old ones in. Anyone have luck replacing them?

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I bought a SLG2006C perfect flame LP gas grill from Lowes in 2007 and actually loved it until a couple months ago. I had a burner with a huge hole in it which made a large flame come out of it while I bbq.I bought a new burner at Walmart to replace it until I realize another burner was ruined and unfixable. The bar that the burner is screwed to chipped off where the burner would screw too makes it unfixable in my opion. After reading some reviews here informs me that the burners had a recall but for $30 the company will ship them, but may not be the fix I need. Lowes wont back them up will ensure that I will never buy an appliance from them again. Onto new grill shopping.

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Good feedback...thanks for posting. I've had a Ducane for over 15 yrs and the only issues were the igniter and when I called them they sent a whole set for free and a new rotisserie motor which they had issues with the mfgr and replaced on complaints...didn't cost me a cent.

I searched for the Perfect Flame BBQ reviews and found this thread...customer service and satisfaction means a lot when a company stand behind their products.

Thanks again...I'll look elsewhere.

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Just junk - bought at Lowes, lasted one summer, and proceeded to rot/rust from the inside out. Worthless and inferior product.

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Many of the Perfect Flame Grills that Lowes sold have been recalled. I contacted them yesterday concerning my SLG2007B grill and they immediately e-mailed me a very simple form that I filled out and e-mailed back to them. They said that I should have four new burner tubes and a new lid in 7 - 10 days at NO COST!

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