Propane v. Natural Gas

wood_chickJune 14, 2006

I have always had a built in Barbecue (Aussie Turbo 5 burner)that used Natural Gas. I am re-doing my back yard and am considering a portable BBQ v. a built in. The option of extra off-season patio space is making me look into models that offer the option of either natural gas or propane.

To those of you who have used both, is there a difference in the cooking/heat/taste between these two gas options?

The brands I am considering are "Fire Magic" and "Lynx". Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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LP and NG aren't too different. However, they're different enough that you need a manifold designed for the fuel type. All quality grills will cook the same regardless of whether you choose LP or NG because they ship with the appropriate plumbing for that fuel type. Just make sure you choose the one you really want because it's a little expensive to convert after the fact.

You have an off-season?!? :-\

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The different gases require different orifices and possibly regulators (if the house pressure isn't what's spec'd for the particular grill and gas). When you change orifices you also often have to adjust the flame via the shutters.

Lynx I know requires changing orifices. Fire magic may not, but I would ask them what is involved in switching between gases. Cooking products which work off both gases without orifice changes will not perform identically both gases.

If you're mechanically inclined and comfortable with this sort of work, it might not be too bad. Note that the conversion kits typically cost $60-200, depending on whether the hose and regulator are included or not.

Personally, after having a grill that't connected to the house supply we would never go back to a portable LP tank.


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