New Bathroom Vanity & Counter - Not Square Wall....Ideas?

Asahi EvelethJanuary 23, 2013

We are looking to re-do our main bathroom on the top floor of our 1969 split foyer in about a month or so. The biggest problem we have in our small bathroom is the corner which is not square at all. From the picture you can see the existing corner "slopes" back. The gap is a little over 1/2" in the back. I really don't think I want to go with a granite fabricator for this job as we are only getting a 30" vanity. I've thought about remnants but haven't gotten any pricing yet - but I know it's going to be more expensive than the "big box" options I was looking at. This is a minor update to the bathroom - new floor tile, toilet, vanity and mirror so we are on a small budget.

How do we correct this not square wall for the vanity top? Should we just bite the bullet and have a granite company make the top custom to the wall? Thanks!!

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If you're going to have a granite backsplash, you could consider having a "side" splash as well. That would cover the gap.

You could float out the wall with mud, but a 1/2" gap is almost a little too wide to float out, even using several applications of feathered mud.

Another option is to score and cut out a slot in the drywall and slide the granite into the slot in the drywall. That can be difficult if the granite is captured by walls on three sides.

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I would consider getting a pedestal sink roomy enough for a cup and a soap bottle, then I would get creative with wall storage for grooming products. Looks like you could recess a wall cabinet or open shelves into the space next to the sink.

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Cutting a notch in the drywall is done all the time with no negative repercussions.

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Asahi Eveleth

@mongoct - I thought about a side splash, but I don't know how that would work with the gap being in the back of the vanity and meeting the back splash.

@may_flowers - there is no way we could go down to a pedestal sink. There is already zero storage in the bathroom as it is. I have to keep my stuff in the linen closet in the hallway. Unfortunately that wall next the vanity houses the furnace vent to the roof, otherwise I'd rip it out and put in a bigger vanity. We will be replacing the huge mirror with a 30" wide mirror and adding a cabinet over the toilet.

@live_wire_oak - what would a notch look like? Can you point me to any pictures? Thanks!

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What about going to a 24 to 26" vanity and leaving a little space between it and the wall. We did that in our 1/2 bath.

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Can you just scootch the vanity over to the right (towards the toilet) by an inch or so, so that it looks like you wanted it away from the wall? If you had a furniture style vanity, that's how you'd want to install it anyway.

On the notch option, just push the vanity top against the wall, run a utility knife along the edge where it touches, pull the top back, score along where the bottom of the vanity top was, and cut out a long skinny rectangle of drywall. Then push the counter back up to the wall. The front edge will go in by 1/2", and the back edge will just touch it. Caulk where the top and wall meet to make the edge look nicer.

On the sidesplash option, you can either run it flush to the wall, in which case it won't be exactly perpendicular to the backsplash (may or may not be noticeable). Or you can split the difference and put the back part 1/4" away from the wall (closer to perpendicular to the backsplash) and then caulk that 1/4".

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I vote for sidesplash. You can shim it out a tiny bit at the back if necessary and caulk the top.

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Can't you just get the new counter templated to cover that space (i.e. templated out of square) and then get a backsplash that runs the whole length? That should be easy to do.

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Kevin, the OP posted that she was trying to avoid having a custom templated granite installed due to cost. She was looking forward to a less expensive, maybe ready made top.

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"@mongoct - I thought about a side splash, but I don't know how that would work with the gap being in the back of the vanity and meeting the back splash. "

We may not be on the same page, so I scabbed this photo from google images for illustrative purposes, but it shows that:

If you install a flat granite top...then install a full-width backsplash...then install two side splashes...

The thickness of the left side splash will cover the 1/2" gap at the back between the vanity top and the out-of-square side wall.

Sure, the side and back splashes won't meet at a perfect 90-degree angle. But even if you simply butted them together, you'll probably caulk the joint, so it won't be noticeable. And with a little effort, if you really wanted to go to town you could relieve the back edge of the side splash by a few degrees so it butts tightly against the face of the back splash.

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We couldn't figure out why there was a large gouge in the wall after demo in our remodel...until it came time to put in the new vanity top! We now have a new, higher gouge for the new top. No side splash, but you can't tell unless you really look directly at the joint where the counter meets the wall and are paying attention.

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Sorry. I missed that you were against a custom top. I think you could get a custom top with a remnant or a cheaper stone for not much more than you'd get a stock top, but that's your choice obviously. Cultured would be less, but not that much.

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What did you intend to install for a vanity top? If laminate, that would not be difficult to cut out of square either.

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Asahi Eveleth

Thanks everyone for the ideas! I'm still a newbie to the forums so I didn't know how to find my posts.

We've thought about going down to the 24" or 26" vanity, but I think we need more space. The more we look at it, the more we are thinking we need to just go with a templated granite and have it custom made to fit the space.

The idea of the side splash sounds great BUT I think because the space is in the back side of the vanity, either the side splash will wind up being too short in the front side of the vanity or the back splash will be too short on the right side of the vanity.

Unfortunately we can't "scootch" the vanity over to the right any more as it is already crowding the toilet a bit.

I think it comes down to two options:
- a smaller vanity, 24" or 26"
- a templated granite

On a side note, we are going to put the bathroom on the back burner for now and concentrate on the only major renovation our house needs: the split foyer basement/lower level.

Thanks again for all the ideas!

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Definitely check with some granite fabricators about remnants. I was surprised at how inexpensive the granite remnants could be. Check around, though, there was quite a price difference depending on the shop. I looked at one that basically did not discount remnants at all, and another one that was $30 s.f., no matter what stone you picked (obviously the one I went with).

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Asahi Eveleth

@marys235 - thanks for the tip - we'll definitely check out remnants and see what they cost...for all I know they could be the same cost as a ready made one from HD or the like.

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