Building a Smoker

Nonnie_GAJune 5, 2005

We have used our commercial smoker to death and now my husband wants to build one from a 50 gallon barrel. Does anyone know how to do this or know where to find directions? Don't tell hubby I'm asking because he thinks he knows how to do it so, in case he doesn't, I'll just make a "suggestion" on how to do it. All help is appreciated.

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here is a couple links:


Here is a link that might be useful: Here is another good one

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I wouldnÂt suggest a drum smoker for a number of reasons, but mostly because the metal is too thin to last any length of time. If you do make one, however, I would make sure I knew what all has been in that barrel. It could have previously contained a substance that could be toxic, and that could transfer to the meat you cook.

You can find a decent New Braunfels style smoker for under $200.

Here is a link that might be useful: New Braunfels Smokers

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You should look up Pits and Spits out of Houston, people buy these from all over the world - can be made custom.

If your husband is 1 heck of a blacksmith/welder who does beautiful work, he should give it a try. However, I would judge from your question that my sentence 1 or other similar advice be followed.

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I think you should let your husband build his smoker. I've built a few and it's lots of fun.

There is a lot of information on the Internet about how to do this.

just my 2 pesos worth...

Best Regards,
Bruce (Junkmanme in New Mexico)

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