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bsbbqJune 13, 2002

Does anyone have a good recipe to slow cook a roast like this? I want to cook one this weekend on my Virco and I am going to do some experimenting with slow, indirect smoking. Is this a good selection of meat for pulled pork? Any suggestions would be appreciated. I will post my results for all to see at:


Thanks, bsbbq

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For a 5-6 lb boston butt or shoulder, combine 1 Tbl salt, 1/2 Tbl pepper, and 5 `cloves minced garlic, a little less if you prefer.

Cub slits deep into pork and rub with the salt, pepper and garlic.

Soak hickory chips in water, place in alum foil, seal tightly, poke holes around the top, and place over coals.

Cook for 6 hours or more until done.

****I usually, the last hour or so, place the roast in cast iron skillet covered, in oven at 250, and let it cook till it falls off the bone.

And serve with your favorite bbq sauce on the side.

BTW, the drippings from skillet makes wonderful gravy for leftover open face pork sandwiches.

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Thanks for the input. I will try it out this weekend and add the recipe to my new website. http://www.equinoxcs.com/Grillingweb/index.htm

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